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13 comments on “Readers’ Survey
  1. abrahamvllera says:

    Very good.

  2. mary may delos reyes says:

    i do always believe that “sex education” should be “the truth and meaning of THE HUMAN BEING ITSELF” and the most important aspect of it is the VALUES inculcated as a “man” and a “woman”… and NOT just “SEXUAL INTERCOURSE” or whatever they might call it.. sex education should be PRIMARY DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS with the help of Church’s TEACHINGS and NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE GOVERNMENT, TEACHERS OR ANY N.G.O.’s …. i stand with a very strong conviction with regards to the issue of sex education… LET US NOT RUIN THE SERENE CHARACTERISTIC MOREOVER THE INNOCENT MINDS OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION…

    • Maria Teresita M. Villa says:

      I adhere to the teachings of the Church, and naturally, I trust our Church leaders more than I trust our government.

  3. myinkheart4 says:

    Thank you for this. Just one suggestion re the question, “What should our position be regarding the poor?” – since it’s quite a general question, how about adding at least a couple more options like, “improve the basic education given in public schools” or “invest more money in providing regular basic medical services in the barrios”.

  4. Anita Alisaca says:

    thanks! finally an intellectually honest, unbiased and ethical survey.

  5. marie sol says:

    NO TO RH BILL! Its a big lie.

  6. Lou Gat says:

    *many church goers dont really understand the contents of this RH Bill and volunteers outside the church are asking the parishioners to vote No after the Sunday mass. why will i vote on something that i dont have full knowledge?
    *is this the time for church leaders to have opposing views like Fr. J. Bernas SJ ?
    *this is a socio-economic problem thus, how do you persuade the low income families to attend family planning lectures?

    * hello to Manny Escasa. hey bro., dont forget my rosary on our next LSQC reunion.

    • Bobby says:

      You have time read blogs and facebook, why don’t you google the topics on RH Bill? That’s what did and the more I learned about it and then spread it. Be part of the solution.

  7. Bobby says:

    The RH Bill is based on the flawed premise. If the premise is flawed, the law is inutile. Overpopoulation is not the cause of poverty but poverty is the cause of malpopulation. The government should adddress the distribution of resources for the many and not for the few. Ninety percent of the total resources are controlled by only two percent of the population. If that is addressed, many will jobs and livelihood to be able to address health concerns other than their stomachs. Many will have lesser time for leisure and more for work to be able to feed their families. The proponents of the RH Bill seems like they are just after the money because there is so much money that they generate from selling contraceptives. Another flaw, I listened to Tongressman Lagman’s claim in Reporter’s Notebook, that there is no abortiob if you’re just stopping the female ovulation. That’s real stupid for me. The mere fact you interfere in the natural cycle of human nature is like abortion in principle. Ovulation is part of the cycle of the reproductive system and it is part of the succession plan God had in place for makind. Mess up with that system, you mess up the whole human being. I see him like Herod during the birth of Christ. He wanted children to be unborn so that no one will assume his throne.

  8. Leah says:

    We’re suppose to educate people, giving the right information, helping them to be responsible citizen. RH bill is not the solution to our present problem.


  10. raul s cino says:

    No to RH bill

  11. Terly says:

    I like this kind of survey.

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