The RH bill

Latest Draft (01 February 2011)

15th Congress – House Bill 4244 (Full Text, Consolidated RH Bill, HB 4244)

Rina Jimenez David Said

One comment on “The RH bill
  1. Ernesto C Del Castillo says:

    My Anti-RH Prayer . . . hopefully, yours too.

    “Our Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe,
    Origin of all Life – including Human Life from the Moment-of-Concepcion,

    touch the Hearts & Minds of all our Legislators –
    specially, those minded in favor of passing the RH Bill.

    As originally written & even as amended,
    we view the RH Bill as “Anti-Life”; as “Anti-Poor”; and as “Bad Governance”.

    It is “Anti-Life” because Artificial Birth Control Supplies
    (such as Condoms & Pills – among others) endangers the safety of the helpless Unborn – in cases of “Breakthrough Pregnancies”.

    It is “Anti-Poor” because the distribution of Artificial Birth Control Supplies &/or Services , for free, does not feed the many Hungry nor provide work to the Unemployed at the Present Time. Moreover, the RH Bill admonishes the Poor not to have children whom they could not afford to raise humanely;

    It is “Bad Governance” because –

    1st : Our Political Leaders should protect our very own traditional Filipino Family Values – instead of promoting the Businesses of Foreign Suppliers;

    2nd: Borrowed Billions-of-Pesos, adding to our National Budget’s deficit spending, should be better spent on Healthcare, Education, & Livelihood –
    NOT on “Pleasurable Sex”, as reportedly espoused by a Lady Senator;

    3rd: As seen in other countries, FREE Artificial Birth Control Supplies &/or Services brought about more STD Cases – NOT good Work Ethics.

    Oh Holy Trinity, we await your Divine Intervention –
    in your own time, as you see best for our Country. Amen.”

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