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Petition: We Stand for Filipino Morality (Re: My Husband’s Lover)

The good folks over at Sisters and Mums for Life have requested that we sponsor this petition for them. We are publishing their petition in its entirety, as seen below. We also would like to express our official position as

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What are the socio-moral effects of contraception?

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Let’s Hear It Again for Humanae Vitae

All other things being equal, it doesn’t take much grey matter to realize that convenient, widespread access to contraception has made it easier to commit adultery. …and a general lowering of moral standards. Not much experience is needed to be

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Moral Corruption and the RH Bill: The Church Is Right!

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Contraceptive Culture Vis a Vis Other Issues Related to RH Bill

by Hans Marasigan, I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page member. — This controversial bill has been a subject of many debates for almost a year. It created several instances of fraction in different religious or secular sectors of our

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Response to Mulat Pinoy Post Entitled “RH: Through the Eyes of the Youth”

By: John Walter B. Juat, 4th yr UP DILIMAN student. Reposting with permission. in response to RH: Through the Eyes of the Youth First and foremost, I would like to share my views on the quote “Ang reproductive health ay

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Pangangailangan ng mga Kababaihan


Authored by Prof. Aliza Racelis. Reposting with permission. MORAL na Kamalayan Ang isinusulong namin sa grupong ito, at sa maraming pro-life groups, ay ang mga kabutihang-asal – tulad ng pagiging TAPAT ng mag-asawa, chastity education, pagtitimpi, pagsasakripisyo, atbp.– sapagka’t ito

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