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Window on the Womb

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Life Begins at Conception

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What is Human?

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Personhood, from a Biologist’s Perspective

Sometimes the arguments from pro-RH folks leaves one scratching one’s head. Most of us attended school and took biology classes, correct? We were all taught that human life begins at conception. And yet take a quick look at the debate

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Is A Human Present At Conception?

Before I answer, let me give you a little biology background in genetics: All living organisms have these crazy things called genomes. Genomes contain all of the DNA present within an organism. DNA is genetic material that contains all the

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The Heart Begins Beating

Human Life at 4 Weeks After Conception/Fertilization. Play Movie

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When Abortion Seems to be the Only Way Out

by Ruby Ann Kagaoan. — At the Senate, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago assures that the Reproductive Health Bill does not promote abortion but in fact aims to reduce it. “Under the Penal Code, abortion is a crime, and it will remain

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