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The Greying of Humankind Blogging Event Roundup

Ang Pagka-Anak Populasyon: Pangunahing Yaman To Space and Beyond The World is Graying: The case of the “beanpole family” and “beanpole effect” When Women Don’t Want Babies Where Have All The Children Gone? Birth Control: Always Winter, Never Christmas

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Winter Is Coming: The Greying of Humankind | F4L August 2013 Blogging Event

Calling all bloggers!! Filipinos for Life is sponsoring the August Blogging Event. Our theme this month is Demographic Winter. Download the above logo to include in your posts. Comment with your link(s) below to be included in the roundup at

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ATTN PNoy: You Don’t Want To Be Another LKY

Warning signs continue to be ignored. Singaporeans need to marry and have children if they do not want the country to fold up, Mr Lee Kuan Yew warned on Saturday night. Read the rest here.

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Population Rate On Downward Trend

AGING PEOPLE: Not much is being said in the debate about the effects of eventually having an aging population. In its website last May 2, Ivy Funds called attention to low fertility rates raising a red flag in tiger nations.

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Singapore’s Folly

Can a Mentos Ad Promote Baby-Making? Singapore National Night Mentos Commercial Promotes Baby Making: Will It Work? Singapore’s birth rate is at a record low. Female citizens of the country now give birth to about one child in their lifetime,

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Effects of RH Legislation (Contraception and Abortion) on Countries’ Population


Click on “Fullscreen”

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