Pro-Life Stories

Filipinos for Life Asks: What is your pro-life story? What made you take up this advocacy?

I have an aunt who has been working with the basic ecclesiastical community of a parish under the care of the Salesian priests. She teaches natural family planning aside from developing livelihood projects and a feeding program for the par…ish. Her friends were the first pro-life nurse (this nurse recently received a papal award last December) and pro-life physician I ever met. Pro-life literature was always lying around the ancestral house of my maternal grandparents. In high school, I got to make a paper on contraceptions and heard Dr. Rene Bullecer talk about the issue (and send a condom flying across the stage of our auditorium!). I took up biology as an undergraduate course. In college, while studying ethics, a friend suggested that I do my paper on the ethical and philosophical arguments against contraception (unfortunately, I lost my copy of the paper, but I found some of my old notes). In medical school, I learned the real deal about the side effects of artificial contraceptions. Artificial contraceptive use sort of became my pet peeve after that. My aunt left at our house one pro-life wooden poster which is now in my room of week-old fetuses. Does not leave me much room not to choose life, does it? – JA

I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly admini…ster any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician, in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. (The Nightingale’s Pledge, Nurse’s Oath)…that’s why I am pro life…God is Pro life… – NM

As for me, it all began with the stunt of Carlos Celdran at Manila Cathedral. I felt dismayed at what happened because the Holy Mass was desecrated by a person who claims to be a “Catholic.” I was also dismayed to see “Catholics” who say th…at what he did was Ok. I found it weird because Catholics should have deep respect to the Holy Mass. Being a blogger, I saw many bloggers pledging support for Celdran. In, Twitter, many maligned the Church and praised Celdran. I tried to dissent against these pro-RH people but they are too many. Only few people are fighting them online. So I tried to look for support and I am glad that I found the 100% KP and I Oppose the RH Bill. And so here I am. – IA

We’ve always been pro-life, but even more so after reading Cormac Burke’s Covenanted Happiness, after a discussion at a Catholic homeschooling forum. The Cormac Burke thing was 5 years ago. the kids were begging for another sibling. i was so wishy-washy about it. So prayed and discerned with the hubby, had our priest over for dinner and he basically told us we had no “grave reasons”, …and that the kids begging for a sibling might be the Holy Spirit telling us something. We had our youngest in 2008, I was 41. Since then it’s been a journey of reading Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, JPII’s TOB. At the time we also had a growing teenager and just fell in love with TOB teachings, realizing THAT’S IT. That’s what connects all the dots. I started seeing everything in the light of TOB. All the problems in the world stems from not having a proper understanding of marriage, family, children, parenthood, sexuality, etc. – SP

My story is simple. Pope Paul VI said contraception was ruinous to humanity in Humanæ Vitæ (which I read in Grade 6), and I obeyed for reasons of Catholic identity. It also helped that some people I really detested (Communists, socialists, …liberals, hedonists, intellectuals, etc.) were for it.

Later, when I got into economics and political systems, I found out that the reasons people had for promoting contraception (population control, resource saving, authoritarianism, anti-poverty, environmentalism, etc.) had no economic basis at all, thus vindicating my chosen stance.

When contraception started to become mainstream (condom TV ads, government promotion), I decided I had to do something about it personally. – FB

i’ve been molded by dominicans in elementary, and salesians in high school. in college, jesuits were my friends (yes, both the good ones and the compromising).
yet my being ‘actively’ prolife in relation with rh happened not only in the prem…ier atheist university, but in the bastion of its logical positivist relativism – up diliman, dept of philosophy, where i was supremo in a student organization.
about 3 years ago when the rhbill was still hb4110, a report in my bioethics class tackled bloating in population figures for political purposes leading to the resignation of popcom directors delosreyes and arejola, as well as forced sterilization of mangyans by the govt. In my demography class, my prof was promoting rh, which i found contradictory to the lessons like demographic winter and the decline of pgr in the phil from 7to2.3. She told me to revise my antirh paper but i did not. In my socio of the family class, a child was discussed as a blessing for a pinoy for many reasons and not as burden which underlies rh (textbook was by medina, up press). In my jurisprudence class the prof (atty fernando of the line of an sc justice) cried out for ‘alienation’ of church and state in lieu of rh, contrary to the constitution. in my politicalsocio class (under walden bello of akbayan, rhbill proponent) he discussed neoimperialism thru cultural manipulation rather than colonization. funny, he was referring to G8 and wallstreet stuff, but could have well been describing rh. similar ironies run through sociopolitical philo, polsci, and politicalsocio classes.
at the same time, i became formation director and trainer in a religious org, up student catholic action, which brought me to encyclicals, catholic social teachings, etc.
Later i graduated in a SAFE seminar, and helped found UP scholars choose life coalition.
So there, my advocacy is a product of reason (a critical examination of the things i have studied) and faith (church teachings), with nationalism on the side. – PM

as a college student way back, i’ve encountered a classmate of my sister (who is also in college at that time) who got pregnant because of rape. Her family, instead of helping and supporting her, decided and told her that the child must be …aborted. Even thou i don’t know her personally and her family, i talked to the parents and pleaded, saying that i know a group whom they can talk to so that instead of aborting the baby, they will adopt it. the parents refused my help. the girl, in her part doesn’t want to abort the baby either, she even threaten her parents that she will commit suicide if they pursue with what they want for her child. The parents then, brought her in a hospital one day (as the girl keeps on informing me the events at their home) and after her mom talked to the doctor, told her that the child inside her is dead, that’s why she need to undergo an operation to remove the child. The child is only 2 months old. I didn’t believe that the child is dead because according to the girl herself, naging matagal ang pag-alis sa bata dahil matindi daw ang kapit sabi ng doktor nya. i cried after learning about this tragic incident and i feel really bad that i didn’t have the capacity at that time to save a baby. – TS

Back in high school, the Salesians taught us contraceptives and the moral implications of it’s use. I’ve been a pro-lifer as far as I can remember. Here in the US, I’ve been involved with the 40 Days for Life campaign. Just last month, ther…e were about fifty thousand people who showed up in the annual “Walk for Life” West Coast (California) which I wrote about in my blog. – JB

Around mid 80s when I started thinking about God more, and started attending Holy Mass regularly. I guess it comes with the package. I don’t think one can be a Catholic, i.e., start attending Holy Mass regularly, and be anti-life. I some…times think it’s my mother. She had cancer, and in her pain, prayed for me– according to our parish priest, to whom my mother entrusted my spiritual well-being. It was a series of steps after that, a building of grace upon the previous one accepted. A study of Humanae Vitiae, Evangelium Vitae, and such also helped. – AL

My family has always been staunchly Catholic, so the foundation was there. But the key moment was when I watched Silent Scream. There is no way one can watch that film and be pro-abortion or even indifferent about anti-life issues. It’s been over 20 years since I saw it, but I cannot watch it again. It’s too horrible, too painful. You want to throw up after. And you become angry, angry as hell, that someone would commit such a vile deed. – MM

I think I became more pro-life when I read Humanae Vitae and Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, “Evangelium Vitae”. I was for contraceptives for a short while and then when I read these, my mind set was changed completely. Thank goodness for the Magisterium of the Church & for our beloved Popes! – ID

On Being Pro-Life and a Personal Sharing by JC de los Reyes

What’s your pro-life story?

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