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For UP faculty, alumni, students, sign the UP Position Paper on the RH Bill

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  1. Hello there!

    First of all, praise God and thanks for your very informative and inspiring coverage of the Interfaith Pro-Life Rally held at PICC last Sunday. Good job to you and all involved! We at Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation appreciate all your efforts!

    In line with this, may we request you as the owners/bloggers behind http://www.filipinosforlife.com to edit your posts such that our name, which is currently listed among the participating organizations as “CFC IC Family and Pro-Life Ministries”, will instead read “Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc”. This is our “official” name under SEC.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation and help. God bless us all as we continue to fight for LIFE!

    In behalf of the CFC Ugnayan Multimedia Center,
    Tina Rodriguez

  2. Bruce in Iloilo says:

    I grew up in the United States and am now enjoying living in the Philippines with its strong extended families. Can you imagine a Philippines where many couples have only one child? After a few generations, where would all the aunts, uncles and cousins be? The whole point of economic growth should be so that you can have stronger, wealthier families, not just more stuff. Why grow the economy when you cannot share the wealth with big, strong families? Westerners, including the Japanese, might be wealthy but they are also lonely. Let me know what I can do here in Iloilo.

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      I talked to an American friend one time and our conversation went to families and extended families. He said that he grew in a community with strong extended families. He said that he is glad that he grew in a community where almost all people are kin and know each other. He related that to strong extended family here in the Philippines.

      I also grew in an extended family. I knew my grandparents, aunts and uncles. I played with many of my cousins.

      I am glad that you are offering your help. 😀

      One way that you can help us is to inform your friends, family and relatives about the dangers of RH Bill. The more people we can inform, the better chance for us that the Filipino identity will not be routed out by this bill if it is passed into a law.

      Also, if you have Facebook, join us here: http://www.facebook.com/i.oppose.the.RH.Bill and help us informing as many people as we could reach.

  3. Joel Dion says:

    Our pastor asked us to distribute this article on RH bill. Please post it on your website or share it from your facebook account. Hope this helps!


    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Hello Joel. We already posted the bishop’s note. Thank you for pointing us to a good article against the RH Bill.

  4. I’m a fan of I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page. I shared my blog against the RH Bill there and got a suggestion that I also post it here. Hope it helps. 🙂


  5. Hi! I’m a fan of I Oppose RH Bill Facebook Page. I shared a link there on my blog against the RH Bill. It was suggested that I share it here too. Hope it helps.


  6. Sean Murphy says:

    Protection of Conscience Project

    I have posted a summary (with comments) of the most recent Philippines RH Bill (Philippines Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011) and updated commentary on the bill. See http://www.consciencelaws.org/issues-legal/legal055.html

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Thank you very much for sharing Sean. Your summary is very helpful. I have used it a lot of times.

  7. I want to help in any way I can, be it by reposting your articles or by disseminating information through my own blog. I’m also part of the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page. Please keep us updated with what’s happening, especially at the Congress. Our prayers go with you all.

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Thank you very much for all your help Maria Criselda. Yes, please share all our information regarding this RH Bill so that we can inform our family and friends so as to save them from deceptions being made for the sake of passing this bill.

      God bless you iha.

  8. Hi Admin,

    I found this website helpful. Thank you.

    I am against RH bill, too. I have written an article entitled 10 Reasons Why We Should Kill RH Bill, I hope this may also help to enlighten some people about the issue. I have not yet visited Facebook (because it is blocked in the office) but when I find a time I will include WE OPPOSE RH BILL as my Fan Page.


    God bless everyone.

    Author’s Note:

    You may also visit this link:

  9. Steve says:


    Can you contact me about a documentary project we are working on re: the RH bill?


  10. Hi! You may contact me at these numbers: 830 7000 local 7169 and 09184170397. Please let me know about the details of the project. I am very much willing to assist. Thank you so much.

  11. Steve says:

    Joanne, trying to call from the US but I’m unable to get through… my email is sphelan@hli.org. Can you send me a note and maybe we can start that way?



  12. c.pio says:

    “RH Bill delay, 1000 die a
    by c.pio (not verified) – 08/20/2011 – 12:53
    “RH Bill delay, 1000 die a day – RH bill Now na”
    “Sabi nya kung mahal ko sya dapat patunayan ko, pero handa naba ako? – Katleen 16YO” Wag natin silang ibalewala, RH bill ipasa, Ngayon Na.

    In our present condition where a family of five or seven, living in a shanty made of plastic garbage materials or anything that could cover them, squatting in the drainage alley, father without a permanent job and a mother who work as an extra vendor without any educational background, nursing a month old baby while pampering a two year old child on her lap, holding the other and hawking in an environment that competition for survival reign and her eldest daughter tempted by her boyfriend to test her love to him – under these whip of poverty hope and beauty cannot be express in this present face. In an honest examination, they are only victims of society’s materialistic demand under the wings of Corruptions, Selfishness of others, Government’s Mismanagement, Injustice, illiteracy and unequal distribution of resources – all might opine that they really need a messiah. Now, RH Bill finds these as legs to rally and rekindle the flickering light of hope of all oppress women. The long awaited Saga with a commanding voice coming from deities, whose powers cannot be hinder by anyone and anyone who oppose for this so called godly bill is no other than “anti-reason”.

    But how does this Hero solve these problems? One solution is – Artificial Contraceptive pills! Antipathy over life is the crux of this bill! (Ok, some would say the bill talks also about health and reproductive care, yes but that is only a mask and it is useless to discuss it since we have existing laws that comprehensively tackle those issues.)

    It is an anti-woman’s welfare contrary to those who believe it is. Contraceptive pills in any way cannot and will never help women in any angle as propose by this godly bill hidden in an angelic tone with diabolic spirit.

    Since we focus only to the main sword use by this bill, one from many strong arguments laid by those who oppose this bill is the Contraceptive pills’ deadly effects like Cancer (check the latest clinical studies and other medical journal thru web). You don’t have to make an equation to find-out who will be the victim – of course not the male partner. Ridiculous to say this bill coined it as “Essential Medicine”. Maybe essential if you want to have a cancer so I will coin it as “death candies”.

    These “death candies” not only causing cancer among women, but also reduce the role of a woman into a concept of “mere object”. As if returning to an era where woman whose right depends’ to man discretion. Mere object that can be own, can be purchase and after using it according to the product of fantasy – you can trash it. We are already far beyond this primitive notion, what we want is equality of rights in a most civilized society (women’s rights advocate). To treat them with respect, accept them as a whole and get what they deserve – a true women’s welfare.

    Contradictory on what woman really deserve, the current world sees women as a big threat to progress, threat that needed to address needed to suppress (from Europe’s antiquities to WWII holocaust discrimination towards women are clearly manifested – “If the child is female, let her die” Spartan letter to his wife; Angel of Death (Josef Mengele) made an experiment on women (sterile) in a concentration camp that lead to holocaust). In a latest news, some Chinese physician are practicing gender selection wherein abort if it is a female fetus. We can see in history how the world discriminate female, go to pharmacy around the globe and you will find thousands upon thousands brand of contraceptive pills, sterile drugs etc. all design to suppress women nature to reproduce with a deadly effect compare to drugs design for counterpart gender (maybe they don’t bother about the effect since all they want is to address male dominant gender sexual drive). What about Condom? Yes created again to address male dominant gender sexual drive. One day we come to an age were contraceptive will go beyond its purpose (temporarily infertile) – go beyond the point without ethical ground like race selection, alter the fruits of the womb etc.

    But it’s a choice of woman to take pills? Taking contraceptive pills is only a responsorial to dominant gender’s actuate, a female partner would not dare to take this pills without the pressure from male partner who’s always on demand for physical sensation – body at rest remain at rest. Some might argue that it is part of marital vow, yes I agree – a commitment of putting themselves totally to one another. Be aware of the word “Commitment” and “Totally”, to make it simple in Mang.Pedro’s Farm a hen and pig was chatting about how generous Mang.Pedro to them, so they decided to give him a good breakfast, the hen suggests “Bacon and Egg” but the pig reply, for you this is only a sensation but for me its a total commitment. So it’s unfair for a female partner to sacrifice her life under the pain of cancer while her male partner is more on sensation not to a total commitment.

    So how can we bridge the gap on marital vow without sacrificing the proper spacing in the family? You are a woman regardless what social status you belong (“The right of the mother in the lowest social class is equal to the right of the mother in the highest social class. – Sen.Defensor) so in other words insist your Right to say NO. Abstinence (of a male partner) is a true respect to woman’s welfare – real respect to woman’s right. Marital vow ground on wanting a person not a body, wanting a respect on dignity not on sensation and no to discrimination and insisting gender dominancy.

    Some may sing a song with the same lyrics that this bill will ensure the mother’s pregnancies would occur in healthy circumstances, does Abstinence has different result?

    Lastly, some of poets argue that RH bill is outside the ordinary prose it is a poetry whose main purpose is a holistic approach in disseminating information so they can choose among it, whether she likes to exercise her right or not she has an options. It’s a big NO, it will only weaken woman’s innate rights to say “No” to her partner, and those options cited in the bill will support and legitimize man’s dominancy, as if the bill tried to inculcate that if a male partner violate your innate right you have other options (with deadly effects).

    RH bill is only just a few lines from lyrics of anti-women agenda around the world. It is an angel of death under the cloth of a hero shouting on the top of the voice as “Pro-woman’s welfare”.

    Craft a bill that empowers family as a building unit of society. That is what the constitution mandate. We don’t need RH bill.


    Korea Republic of

    Korea Republic of

  13. Dirk Baeten says:

    Copy of my email to Sen. Cayetano today.

    Dear Ms Cayetano

    Today I read your comment about IPPF that it “supports all forms of family planning depending on what is considered legal in the individual countries and therefore, in countries where abortion, as in the Philippines, is not a method considered legal, then it is not a form of family planning that they support.” And that in your research about IPPF you have never heard anyone of them, either directly or indirectly, expressing their desire to legalize abortion or in any way promote abortion.

    I find this hard to believe as it takes only a few seconds to find their own website which litteraly says the opposite: “We believe that a woman has the right to choose and access safe abortion services and we lobby for changes in legislation to support this. Safe abortion is one of the priority concerns of our work”. http://www.ippf.org/en/What-we-do/Advocacy/Advocating+for+the+right+to+safe+abortion+services.htm

    In fact, for more than three decades, IPPF has lobbied worldwide for the liberalization and eventual repeal of all laws that place any restrictions whatever on access to abortion. This stance is reflected in all of its major policy statements. See the report about this from the Population Research Institute (PRI) from 1996 as summarized here http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/mos/pri_03abortionforall1.html

    An example. The organisation Pathfinder International states that its mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life. On their website they mention as Major Project: “Pathfinder International was awarded four two-year grants from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Safe Abortion Action Fund for projects in Ghana, India, Mozambique, and South Africa.” http://www.pathfind.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Major_Projects_IPPF_Safe_Abortion

    While it appears that FPOP, the department of IPPF in the Philippines, doesn’t openly push for access to safe abortion, IPPF and its collaborating organisations actively try to violate and circumvene national laws and policies as was reported in “Foreign Aid for Abortion” by Donald Page Warwick. Quote: “In the Philippines, where abortion is both illegal and explicitly against official population policy, The IPPF provided 200 “menstrual regulation” [first trimester abortion] kits for demonstration purposes … Further controversy arose when the FPOP distributed “menstrual regulation” kits to local doctors. Although the government had laws specifically prohibiting the importation of abortive devices, these kits were brought into the country as “medical instruments” to obtain “sample tissue for examination.” Note that “Menstrual regulation” (MR) or “menstrual extraction” (ME) are synonyms for an abortion procedure that is especially suited to circumventing the abortion laws of developing countries, because the abortions are performed so early that the “evidence” which results is either destroyed during the procedure or easily disposed of. For more about this issue, see http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/mos/pri_03abortionforall2.html#a15

    One of the most disturbing and also ignored facts is that statistics on abortion in Western countries, where sex education and access to contraceptives are widely available, indicate that more than 50% of abortions happen with people who were using contraceptives!! A recent fact sheet on induced abortion from the Guttmacher Institute in USA says litteraly: “Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant.” http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html The reason for this could be that people are more likely to have an “unplanned” pregnancy if they falsely believe birth control will save them, making them in turn less prudent about their sexual choices. The pill and barrier methods have a statistically-significant failure rate. Over time, most women who habitually use birth control can expect at some point it will fail them and they will get pregnant. People also don’t always use birth control correctly. So what happens when people get pregnant even though they absolutely wanted to prevent it? Once people believe they have a right to completely prevent pregnancy while still having a sexually active life, abortion becomes the obvious answer to failed use of contraceptives and thus it has necessarily become part of the notion of reproductive health as promoted worldwide by IPPF and other international organisations.

    In my country, Belgium, when artificial contraceptives were introduced on a large scale back in the ’60s-’70s, many decent people also thought contraceptives were ok and that the church’s stance against them was out dated (even though all christian churches until halfway the 20th century were opposed to artificial contraception!). They thought contraceptives would be just a way for couples to be responsible parents. Abortion wasn’t legal at first either (it was legalised in 1990). Artificial contraception however is a key to complete sexual freedom. It’s the key to sexuality without consequences, without the need for responsability or commitment. Divorces, adultery, promiscuity, sexual diseases, premarital sex and teenage pregnancies have risen exponentially the last decades, but still people refuse to admit that widespread availability of artificial contraceptives is part of the problem. The answer the government gives is always “more contraceptives”. As a result, family life in Belgium has become a complete mess with countless emotionally injured children who in turn become less able to have stable relationships themselves and a fertility rate below minimum replacement which spells doom for the futur as fewer young people have to sustain more elderly. It was not like that at all before the arrival of pills and condoms. My parents can testify of that.

    Although I am not a citizen of Philippines, it is with great concern that I follow the debate on the RH Bill as I am afraid that Philippines might make the same mistakes as many other countries. Through its long time resistance to the contraceptive deception, Philippines to me has in fact remained a beacon of hope for the world. I pray almost every day now that it will remain this way.

    I would like to end with a quote from an article called Gay Marriage and the Next Gulag: “The Western world in general has been hard at work promoting sterile sex for nearly a century now. We began by sanctioning the break-up of families through ever-easier divorce. Divorce is a kind of pretense that the marital covenant is ultimately sterile, in the sense that children do not matter. Next we embraced contraception so that our sexual pleasures could not be diminished through responsibility. Promiscuity inevitably followed, and with it abortion, which is simply fruitfulness in denial. We’ve covered our eyes and stopped our ears.“


    Dirk Baeten

    • Lei says:

      Hi Dirk Baeten, your letter is a treasure! Thank you for sharing this. This is very helpful in convincing people that RH bill is full of lies and actually will lead to legalization of abortion.


    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Good day Max.

      I can’t view the essay on Facebook. Maybe the note is set to private that’s why I can’t view it.

  14. Isahel says:

    Hi, I am Isahel Alfonso, I am the head of Catholic Faith Defenders Pro-life apologetic division Davao city chapter. I would like to help with your ministry in defending the dignity of human life. I have some articles in my blog that might be of help:


    Is there any way that I can contribute to your website?

    God Bless!

    Isahel N. Alfonso
    Catholic Faith Defenders
    Pro-life apologetic div.

    • Lei says:

      Hi Isahel! I read your articles and they are all very helpful and insightful! We need a lot of people like you especially for the young Catholics. The Church is being badly attacked, abused and bullied by anti-church people.

      God bless you and your family!


  15. c.pio says:

    Logically Inconsistent argument.

    “That might be your opinion, but don’t impose your morality on me!”

    Likas sa ating mga Pilipino ang mapagmahal sa Kalayaan, at bilang protector of “democracy” and lover of “freedom”, the sound of imposing morality found to be an intrusion on your right to be a “free man” – Scenario that happened during Martial Law.

    This is the exact “nutrient” that ProRH wanted to exploit – to insert an oil of Relativism! Setting the mind of all “pawn” with the no objective moral truth – truth claims are subjective, merely reflecting one’s own feelings, opinions, or desires. Truth is Subjective – No truth that applies to everyone. “What is true for you may not be true for other people, so each person should be free to make up his own morality.” Ika nga ni Dr. Sri.

    Thus, those people who wanted to show the whole picture of the bill are likely to be dismissed as rigid, fundamentalist, judgmental, and intolerant at maidagdag ko rin na truncated as “moralist”, “out-of-fashion” in a new trend of society that most people presently share. “makaluma” “anti-quality of life”. Kaya maririnig natin(lalo na pag wala ng maisagot) ang walang kamatayang :

    Lagman : “Hindi pwedeng i-enforce ang dogma thru legislation, I am a congressman who is Catholic but I am not a Catholic congressman”
    Bello : “Please do not impose your particular brand of ethics on us,”
    Santiago : “We can argue about this till kingdom come and never arrive at an answer.”

    Tama kaya sila? Well they are pretty illogical. I’m not challenging your intelligence but take a look on how inconsistent the “”That might be your opinion, but don’t impose your morality on me!” or “No absolute truth” argument: (hayaan kong mga former fertilized ovum ang sumagot)

    Maliwanag na nailatag ni Mr. Dough M. kung ano ang “right to my opinion”: “I have a right to my opinion if it is evident that no other opinion is supported by enough data to render mine less likely to be true. And the right to my opinion ends when someone puts forth an argument that turns out to be more than a mere opinion, but a conclusion based on true premises and sound reasoning.”

    At sa pagkakahayag naman ng isang former atheist, former political radical, former shipyard welder – J. Budziszewski : “The root of the enacted law is the moral law; the root of the moral law is the design of the created order.
    “How often have you heard the slogan, “Law should not enforce morality”? It is an error.. All law has a moral basis. Even bad law has a moral basis — a basis in false morality.”
    “Try to think of a law that is not based on a moral idea. You can’t do it..taxes? That one is based on the moral idea that some people ought to be made to pay for the benefits that other people receive. The law punishing murder is based on the moral idea that innocent blood may not be shed; Now if all laws are based on moral ideas, then obviously we ought to scrutinize them to make sure that they are based on true ones instead of false ones. The root of the enacted law is the moral law. Even the everyday pagan can understand this.”
    ‘No absolute truth’? They were asserting at least one truth: that there is no absolute truth. c.pio 🙂

    Now, Oral Contraceptive pills elevate the risk of having a breast cancer according to cancer.gov (opinion?) You and I are equal (not a truth that applies to everyone?) Putting one innocent life to the risk of death is a crime (Immoral?).


    • Lei says:

      Hi C.pio! There is only one truth kasi. Absoulute truth. Si Jesus Christ. Eh kaso ang mga RH Bill proponents mga anti-Christ yata! Kaya gagawa na lang sila ng sarili nilang “truths” ahhaha. Galing ng article mo.


  16. Ariel de Castro says:

    Hi! I’m Ariel de Castro, and I’d like to help, too. I wrote a short essay in facebook notes, taking advantage of a recent event. It’s entitled “Trick or Treat Party and the RH Bill”. Here’s the link:


    It moved a good number of young parents in our office. Hope this can help. Thanks.

  17. Rick Bronola says:

    Hi! I’m Rick of Cebu. I just want to ask if there is F4L here in Cebu, coz i’m interested to join. Thanks.

  18. Marian Dimacali says:

    Now that the debates have been closed, we shouldn’t stop fighting! So many youth are just scared or peer pressured into thinking and accepting the popular choice. We need an approach that gets to talk to young people in small groups, really discuss what the RH bill is about, and why we oppose it. We need a library of studies, of numbers – what speaks to the youth nowadays. It’s difficult to in forums like Facebook because debates are limited, muddled and sadly get very personal. Please let me know how I could help!

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  21. Liro says:

    Hello, I don’t know if this site is still active (I hope it is!) because I would like to help. Please email me how I could help. This is my address: liromangubat@gmail.com Many thanks and God bless you all.

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