General Arguments/Full Presentations

Wow Ganda! Life is Good!
Ang Katotohanan Tungkol sa Reproductive Health Bill
Ang Kamatuoran Bahin sa RH-RP Bill
I Oppose the RH Bill Because….
8 Reasons We Should Not Pass the RH Bill, from World Youth Alliance

NFP vs Contraception:

10 Facts About NFP
Artificial Contraception vs. NFP Handout
Condom Failure Rate Fact Sheet
Contraception vs. Natural Family Planning Comparison Chart
Efficacy of Fertility Awareness Based Methods
Natural Family Planning: The Facts
The Failed Promises of Contraception
Payabangan ng Condom, Pill at IUD: Sinong Panalo?


For the Youth from the Youth: 10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About the RH Bill
For the Youth:) Major Major RH Bill Fallacies

Scientific Arguments Against RH Bill

Science Facts on the RH Bills – Authority w/ Refs

One comment on “Downloads
  1. Marissa Tanangco says:

    Would not our (even the RH Bill proponents’) concern for the reproductive health of the people be best addressed if we highlight the morals, the values and character formation in the elementary and high school?

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