About Us

We are a group of men and women working tirelessly for one cause. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, engineers, nurses, and students. We come from different religious denominations. We are here, and we are abroad. We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and siblings. We are Filipinos – all fighting for a single cause, the very reason why we have bound together as one group and one voice: to speak the truth about the dignity and sanctity of human life in all its stages, from natural conception to natural death. From this truth we gain our strength to fight everything that would undermine traditional Filipino family values that serve as the foundation for respecting and protecting life itself, and to resist all legislation and social structures that endanger and compromise human life.

We do this with all our hearts, and with all our minds, because we believe that respect for human life is the very foundation of our love for our country.

We are many, but we are one. We oppose the RH Bill. I oppose the RH Bill.

It shall not pass.

18 comments on “About Us
  1. Jun Cruz says:

    I opened this blog acount in 2008. If you can maximize it as an annex to your already existing site/s, I can give this site to you for better management too.

  2. Haggai de Cena says:

    Hello Jun Cruz. Are you Bianca Detovilla? Anyways, I browsed the blog and I saw some blog posts that I want to share on this website. Is it OK for you if we post those blog posts on this site?

  3. Willy Ongsitco says:

    Dear All,

    I thank God I found this site! I’m a high school teacher here in Iloilo City. I too oppose the RH bill. I have students who oppose it too. We met just this morning and our plan now is to write the congressmen to appeal to good reason. We hope that many of them drop their support of the bill. May we know if you have the addresses of the congressmen, especially those who support the RH bill? We hope our letters to reach them before they convene again in May. ‘hope to get a reply from you soon. I will pray for you all. God bless.

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Hello Willy.

      We, at Filipinos for Life, are also plannig of writing letters to our legislators regarding this RH Bill. What is the status of letter-writing?

  4. Milan B Dator says:

    Dear All,

    Yes, we are many, but one! We need to and continue working together to kill this uneventual RH Bill. This is un-Christian and a gross violation of human rights of man from its natural conception to death! We need to go unpolitical when it comes to preserving lives, a God-given privilege to live harmoniously and preserve the ecology of nature to be passed on to the next generation and to the next and to the next!!! Goodluck and good work for everyone.

    God bless all.

    The Apostolate of Divine Mercy
    “A World Apostolate”

    MIlan B Dator, L/a.d.m.

  5. Paul Suski says:

    Dear Friends of Our Lady,
    Poland is now facing an unprecedented attack on traditional family, sanctity of life and the existence of Christian values and signs in the public sphere. The forces of darkness are bracing for the complete takeover of Polish Parliament so that they could poison with infernal ideas the statutory law unchecked. In this dramatic moment please allow me to beg you for your spiritual support (prayer and fast) prior to the National Elections which are held on 9th of October 2011. May Our Lady bloody tears and sorrow move your hearts for your invaluable HELP !!! In return I assure you of my prayer and fast for you and your country on 7th of October.
    In Hearts of Jesus and Mary
    Paul Suski (political analyst from Warsaw wearing a Carmelite scapular)
    PS : Personally, to relieve politicians of devil`s influence I fast ,say the Rosary as well as recite the following chaplet : http://www.viarosa.com/VR/Sorrows/OurLadysTears.html


    Unless the Pro RH edited the statements the whole association is against the present RH Bill.

    The PMA supports the Reproductive Health Bill (or otherwise also called The Responsible Parenthood Bill) in so far as it is founded strongly on the principle that life or conception begins at fertilization” at that moment where there is fusion or union of the sperm and the egg and thus a human person or human being already does exist at the moment of fertilization.

    The PMA thus abhors any procedure, machination or scheme or medication that will interrupt any stage of fertilization and prevents its normal, growth to adulthood until the stage of natural death. In adopting this stand, the PMA explains its reason in the following paragraphs.

  7. Ludy Verdejo says:

    I’m glad Doctors for Life has a website. I learned of this organization during the national meeting of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life. Being a pro-life advocate, I’m interested in learning updates of the crusade for the sanctity of life which I can share to my listeners on our radio program “Usapang Pamilya” in Legazpi City. What could be a better way than letting the people know of what is happening so that they are properly informed on issues on life which is a basic right, I believe.

  8. drforlife says:

    Hi. Are you on Twitter?

  9. Derek Ross says:


    This is Derek Ross over at True Love Waits Philippines!

    Thanks for this site and blog https://filipinosforlife.com/2012/03/10/a-friendly-reminder-sexual-exposure-chart/

    Please add our site to your links on your Blogroll http://www.wagmuna.com

    Derek Ross,
    National Director
    True Love Waits Philippines

  10. Paul says:

    Dear Friends of Our Lady – give a tiny little flower to HER and boycott all Pepsi products.


    Warm regards

    Paul Suski

  11. P_SUSKI@wp.pl says:

    Dear Friends who value life – please sign the petition and forward it to other people

  12. shekina says:

    That lifetime of regret was driven by your fear of being an unprepared mom. You had a night with a mind so confused —- and now you have a lifetime to haunt you forever. How come nobody warned you? You surf the internet each day and you never bumped across a single warning. Here I am, opting to write this, instead of romanticized love stories and conquests, of night life, sleep-overs, and weekend getaways, of young professionals “yuppies” life, because it has never been in the mainstream or banner stories no matter how it lurks in the society. Youngsters, you ought to read these words to imagine the sorrow of a thing you could one day fall into and so that someday, you would not ask, “How come nobody cared to tell me?” Let me throw my first question by borrowing a line which I’ve read from 180 movie website on a social networking page.1.)”Would you rather be a mother of a dead baby or a mother of a dead child? Abortion doesn’t make a woman unpregnant, it makes a woman a mother of a dead child”. There is terrible pain when you see you tiny one lifeless but it is a very terrible one when you yourself caused it. 2.)Would you rather take the 9month journey with the baby or have your monthly menstruation only to remind you of a horrible thing that you did? Menstrual pains are very similar to abortion pains. Trust me. It is like replaying the same feeling over and over again which makes the recovery a hard process. Mind you, that is monthly. Aside from horrible nightmares, you would have this physical remembrance is the form of menstrual pain. 3.) After all has been done, it would be late for you to realize that you have not ended a baby alone. You ended an entire generation destined to spring from the child. Are you really that weak to support a single kid but very strong to disobey God and to erase a generation destined by God to walk on earth? 4.) Monthly, you commemorate death anniversary instead of a party with the child. Months and years pass and you still hang on to what-ifs. You also keep on asking yourself if your child has forgiven you. Then you would read a book with abortion poems and a line strikes you, ” Who among you is my mother? Why didnt you like me? I could be the only bestfriend that you’ll ever have….” 5.) You think abortion is the solution to save your face from the public, didn’t you? But you can not keep it from yourself. And you can not participate in joyous occasions. Your baby runs on your mind every time and no one can console you you were so successful hiding it from the public. 6.) You trade having the baby for a carefree life? for your career? for your profession? to keep your figure? And then you meet successful girls who got pregnant at their teenage years. They look physically and emotionally well or, should I say, better than when they were unmarried. Your skin wrinkle and yet your wound remains fresh. Your memories stay to that day. Others say they never meant to do it. Some, with too much trust on condoms and pills, got shocked to see two lines on their pregnancy kits. They got afraid of the harm the pills have caused the baby and so they plunged into a bigger problem they didn’t know. No matter how stoned your heart is, you would feel all this after abortion. Some remain silent victims; telling they were forced and still can not forgive themselves. Some become as hard as stone and never admit the pain. And some, even if it can not bring their kids back, no matter how painful, spread the word, no matter how delicate, no matter how rare the chance of being given attention, become Warriors for life. That day,I expected to see a mass of cells with my period but I saw a baby.I never intended to kill my baby;if only i used my brain and more of my heart,i should have believed that I was carrying a baby even ir was just 3weeks old.Everytime I close my eyes,I see my baby and I cry a river of tears.They say that before taking an abortion, a lady must be given a picture of a fetus first. I wish I did. How come nobody told me? From then, my life was changed forever.May God forgive me and help me in my newfound mission—-to prevent others to be misled.To God be the glory always.Please help me have my experience all over the internet;we might save a life.I may not make it to national dailies or to yahoo page,but your effort would make a big difference.pls click share so it may reach those who promote the RH Bill.STOP THE CULTURE OF DEATH?STOP THE LIES AND HORRORS OF ABORTION!” on 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY!’s timeline.

  13. Fil-Christ says:

    I am a Filipino, chosen by the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient Father before the foundation of the world.
    I am God’s beloved, the pouch of myrrh that lies between His breasts, the cluster of henna blossoms in His vineyard!
    I am the scion of the Prodigious King, whom He calls His darling, and over whom He will forever sing!
    I am called to be a saint of The Lord, made and remade to be His glorious living reflection and sparkling living word!
    I am overwhelmed with joy in my Creator, my Maker, for He has clothed me with radiant garments of salvation, and arrayed me in a dazzling robe of righteousness!
    I am prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband, ready as a bridegroom in a wedding suit for his bride, all set for the coming of the Holy City, the union of the new heavens and the new earth in the New Philippines of God!
    I am my Savior’s delight. He has inclined Himself to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the miry clay, set my feet upon The Rock, and made my steps secure!
    I am His light in the world and salt of the earth. He put a new song in my mouth, and anointed me to lead all nations with His praise song! His law lives within my heart!
    I am the venerable expression of God’s awesome love, the effulgent sign of His grace and mercy!
    I bear forth goodness out of a good treasure in my heart consumed in faith by His Sacred Heart!
    I am a Filipino, a true blue well beloved in the name of Jesus!
    I remain undisturbed by the world and all its troubles. I am set apart for heaven.
    I am the Father’s light and life. I am His son. I will forever be His song.
    I am a Filipino, a friend of God! In my veins runs the Blood of the Lamb that alone takes away the sin of the world!
    I am a Filipino in whom God is well pleased.

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