6 Quick Facts on the TRO on the Implementation of the RH Law


by Youth for Life (based on ALFI report)

  1. The Philippine Supreme Court in a Decision dated August 24, 2016 DENIED the Motion to Lift the TRO filed by the Office of the Solicitor General. Legally, therefore, there can be NO FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE RH LAW.
  2. The Supreme Court likewise declared as VOID all the certifications and re-certifications issued by the FDA of some 77 contraceptive drugs and devices, including Implanon and Implanon NXT, for having been done without the observance of the basic tenets of due process.
  3. The FDA, therefore, has been directed to conduct public hearings to determine whether contraceptive drugs and devices are abortifacient or non-abortifacient and are safe. The Supreme Court ordered that in the conduct of these hearings, the cardinal principles of due process (notice, public hearing, substantial evidence, etc.) will have to be observed.
  4. Further the Supreme Court emphasized that the standards to be applied are those laid out in its earlier decision, specifically, those which do not harm or destroy life of the unborn from conception/fertilization and that all reasonable doubts shall be resolved in favour of the protection and preservation of the right to life of the unborn from conception/fertilization.
  5. The FDA is further directed to formulate rules of procedure to govern the public hearings and for the DOH to formulate rules and guidelines to govern the purchase and distribution/dispensation of reproductive products and supplies, for review of the Supreme Court.
  6. Also, a complete list of reproductive health programs and services that will be conducted will have to be generated by DOH for the information and guidance of all concerned.Please share the good news to family and friends, and help spread the correct information. But most important, please continue to be VIGILANT!For your information and guidance, please read the following:
    a. Highlights of the SC Decision on the Implementation of the RH Law
    b. Certified true copy of the SC Decision itself
    c. Highlights of the SC Decision on the Constitutionality of the RH Law

    Download them here: http://bit.ly/2dTi8KW

    #rhLaw #Abortion #CultureOfDeath

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University. Program Manager, Upper Atmosphere Dynamics, Manila Observatory.

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