My thoughts on Candy Giving on Valentine’s Day 2016

A seminarian showing the "Exchange Your Condoms for Candies and Real Love" sign. Beside him is a lady distributing condoms.

A seminarian showing the “Exchange Your Condoms for Candies and Real Love” sign. Beside him is a lady distributing condoms at Dangwa near University of Sto. Tomas (Photo by 100% Katolikong Pinoy)


by Anthony James Perez

I do not profess to be perfect. In fact I have survived a colourful past and am blessed not to be sick with anything. I still struggle with chastity. We all do.

I am also blessed to have participated in an activity that reminds not only our Dangwa patrons but ourselves first and foremost that real love demands sacrifice and dying to ourselves. Started 5 years ago and the brainchild of the late Fr. Vic Cajilig OP, this activity called for a certain amount of brazenness from our volunteers; the guts to go against a culture of hook ups and a culture where they will laugh at you and insult you for promoting chastity.

Our volunteers knew just that, but they faced the crowd anyway, and now they face the criticism of netizens too. This is the price of discipleship. As one writer said, a laid-back kind of Catholicism no longer cuts it in this day and age. Gone are the days when all you had to do was go to church every Sunday. Nowadays all Catholics need to be informed of the issues that will affect them and their children. Silence is the worst kind of response, akin to raising the white flag to the enemies of our souls. The devil never rests. We all must be vigilant.

I want to meet again each and every volunteer yesterday if only to shake their hands and congratulate them for standing up for Christ, and also to warn them of the persecution to come. When the days of our cross come, nobody should bear them alone; we stand together and help each other bear our crosses, and pray. Pray for the Church, pray for our souls, and pray for the world gone half mad.


Anthony James Perez (leftmost) together with the We Choose Real Love Team who gave away candies in exchange for condoms. Photo by 100% Katolikong Pinoy.



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