Comments on UNFPA report and Rappler’s post on teen pregnancy


by Youth for Life

The Rappler article and the pro-abortion UNFPA study the author cited are both obviously agenda-driven. Firstly, they compared “fertility rates” (births) instead of “pregnancy rates” despite their full knowledge that abortion is legal in most other countries. Fertility rate refers to the average number of children a woman would have, so if abortion were legal (as in other countries), then women obviously have the option to kill their children before they were born, thereby affecting the fertility rates of such countries. Therefore, the comparison itself is not valid.

Secondly, it’s interesting how they were able to conclude that the solution to their perceived problem includes provision of contraceptives and “safe abortion” (as opposed to what they like to call “unsafe abortion”), when despite their promotion of these, the abortion rates in Asia have hardly changed from then till now. In other words, despite contraception promotion, women still get pregnant and then resort to abortion. Clearly, their proposed solution has been failing.

Thirdly, they acknowledged that teen pregnancies are also associated with “less education attainment and lower socioeconomic status”. This is PRECISELY the cause, but of course they had to mention it only in passing because it won’t help in advancing their RH/abortion agenda. Studies have shown that teen pregnancy rates are most prevalent in poverty-stricken areas. If “less education attainment and lower socioeconomic status”, shouldn’t they be provided with better education and better jobs/opportunities? But again, these real solutions do not fit into their RH(contraception)/abortion agenda– which happen to be billion-dollar industries, by the way.

Lastly, it’s alarming that despite knowing that “forced, violent sex” is happening in the Philippines, their only worry regarding this situation is that “this age group is at risk of the following: Early and unintended pregnancy, Unsafe abortion, Sexually transmitted disease (STD), and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)”. No mention of the physical and mental harm done to the victims? No mention of how to take them out of such an oppressive and degrading situation? Shouldn’t we be seeking better enforcement of laws that protect women and call for heavier penalties for molesters and rapists? But then again, these do not help the RH/abortion agenda. You see, this is all about the RH/abortion agenda and the fund $$$$$ that come with it.

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One comment on “Comments on UNFPA report and Rappler’s post on teen pregnancy
  1. Philippines is among the poor countries in the world. does it mean its health sector cant afford to educate the teens about early pregnancy of provide preventive measure? but better enforcement of laws that protect women and call for heavier penalties for molesters and rapists should be adopted immediately

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