#TheManTalk and Real Love Revolution is coming to Manila this Nov 6-7, 2015!


#TheManTalk promoted by Filipinos for Life is on Nov 6, 2015, while The Real Love Revolution promoted by Catalyst is on Nov 7, 2015.

Two exciting events are coming to Manila next week!

  • #TheManTalk by Matt Fradd on Friday, November 6, 1:00-4:00 pm at St. Mary’s College of Quezon City Auditorium. This event is promoted by Filipinos for Life. Ticket price is Php 300.
  • Real Love Revolution 2015 by Matt Fradd and Sarah Swafford on the whole day of November 7, 2015 at Ynares Sports Complex, divided into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. This event is promoted by Catalyst of University of Asia and Pacific. Ticket prices range from Php 300 to Php 600.

Both events share the same themes: chastity and real love. Both events feature extraordinary international speakers. But their target audiences are different.

A. Real Love Revolution 2015

Real Love Revolution 2015 is the big event at the Ynares Sports Complex. Catalyst of has been organizing similar events in the past 3 years, with about 10,000 people per event divided into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions–which gives an audience of 3,000 people per session. Since this is on a Saturday, many people are really free to attend this talk. And the target audience is both men and women, especially those who are still in the dating stage. That is why they have a male speaker (Matt Fradd) and a female speaker (Sarah Swafford). Of course, those who are still contemplating marriage (even if they are not dating yet) and those who are already married would learn a lot from these talks.

For more details, check out the Facebook page of Catalyst of UA&P. You’ll see a video of Chris Tiu promoting Real Love Revolution 2015! You may also follow Real Love Revolution 2015 in Twitter using the hashtag #RLR2015.

B. #TheManTalk

#TheManTalk with Matt Fradd, on the other hand, is a new event promoted by a new organization, Filipinos for Life, Family, and God, Inc. The venue is smaller at St. Mary’s College Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,300. And this is on a Friday. The reason for this is that the target audience are high school students (who can be accompanied by their teachers) and college students (who have a more flexible time at their disposal). Also, the target audience are primarily teenage boys, young men, and adults.  But teenage girls and women may also come, because they may also benefit from knowing how men thinks of women, especially regarding pornography. In this way, men and women can help each other strive for chastity not only during the dating process, but also after marriage. Fornication and adultery are the plagues that afflict our society. Men must lead in virtue and it is only when they do this that the future of our family and society is assured.

Since we in the Filipinos for Life are promoting this talk, here are the other details on how you can purchase your tickets:

Event: #TheManTalk (on chastity, chivalry, true manhood, and real love)
Speaker: Matt Fradd
Date: November 6, 2015
Time: 1:00-4:00 pm
Venue: St. Mary’s College of Quezon City Auditorium, #37 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City
Target audience: teenage boys, young men, and adults (parents, teachers, guidance counselors, seminarians, priests, etc.)

Ticket Price: PHP 300*
Deposit Payment To: BDO C/A 2478003549 Filipinos for Life Family and God Inc.
Email Deposit Slip To: all4life.life4all@gmail.com
Phone: 0922-827-6662

*Those in Ateneo de Manila University may contact Dr. Quirino Sugon Jr. at the Ionosphere Research Building of Manila Observatory. Phone: 4266001 local 4850. Email: qsugon@ateneo.edu. FB: http://www.facebook.com/quirinosugonjr. You may directly buy tickets from him.

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  1. […] His schedule is always full. So when we learned that he is coming to the Philippines for the Real Love Revolution on the Nov 7, 2015, we immediately booked him to give #TheManTalk for a smaller audience in St. […]

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