The Divorce Propaganda Barrage

Documenting the media onslaught on divorce. More fun in the Philippines. 

Anti-divorce solons to block measure; hit survey results

‘Clear majority’ of Filipinos favor legalizing divorce

Divorce bill proponents acknowledge steep going

Editorial: Considering Divorce

Against divorce #WomensMonth2015

Against divorce #WomensMonth2015 (Part 2)


Filipino prelate makes clear stand for divorce 

Is Congress ready for a divorce law?

The Last Country in the World Where Divorce Is Illegal

‘Divorce respects the sanctity of marriage’

A need whose time has come…

Pia pushes talks on divorce as support for it grows 

Pinoys Take Survey on Divorce in PH

SWS: Support for divorce growing in Philippines

Transcript of interview with Senator Pia S. Cayetano Chairperson, Senate Committee on Women, Family Relations and Gender Equality

No to divorce in PH — solons

Lawmakers reject divorce

Senators not in favor of legalizing divorce in the Philippines

6 of 10 Pinoys want divorce legalized: SWS

Divorce bill? No way, says House leaders

Lack of divorce law nothing to be proud of–Pia Cayetano

The fight to make divorce legal in the Philippines

Family Code Amendments: On Foreign Divorce

CBCP opposes divorce

EDITORIAL – Support for divorce

Palace: People can push for divorce law

Pagtalakay sa divorce bill, muling ipinanawagan sa kongreso

Divorce bill hindi uusad sa Kamara

Divorce bill being lobbied anew

Public could push for divorce in Congress if there is huge support for it — Palace

Palace to discuss survey on divorce legalization

Divorce law will make marriage a mockery –CBCP head

60% of Filipinos want divorce made legal

Divorce ban shows Catholic church power in Philippines

CBCP exec to lawmakers: Don’t yield to public opinion on divorce

3 out of 5 Pinoys are in favor of divorce

3 out of 5 Filipinos want legalization of divorce – SWS survey

6 out of 10 Filipinos favor divorce – SWS

Poll: 3 of 5 Filipinos favor legalization of divorce

Bishops: Divorce a ‘quick fix’

Filipinos support divorce

#RapplerTalk: Divorce in the Philippines

Shouldn’t bishops also speak with respect and compassion?

6 of 10 want divorce legalized

Pia Cayetano mulls reopening debate on divorce law

Majority in Philippines want legal divorce

Six out of 10 in Philippines want divorce legalised: poll

CBCP: Failed marriage no argument for divorce

Six out of 10 in Philippines want divorce legalized: Poll

Solons acknowledge House must start deliberations on divorce

6 in 10 Filipinos support legalised divorce: Pollster

Belmonte: No chance for divorce law in 16th Congress

Philippine court relaxes marriage annulment law: A sign of waning Church influence?

CBCP stands firm vs. divorce law, twits bills to decriminalize concubinage, adultery

Romualdez bloc rejects divorce

60% of Filipinos want divorce legalized: poll

CBCP: There is no need for divorce in PH

Divorce law won’t pass this Congress: lawmaker

Philippines : ce pays où le divorce est interdit

Philippines repeal “early marriage” law

Les Philippins veulent pouvoir divorcer

Filipinos in favor of legalized divorce stir controversy among lawmakers

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