January Blogging Event Roundup: Being Pro-Life in an Anti-Life World

Let’s Talk About Sex, Contraceptives and Abortion

Think about this though: If we promoted fidelity among married spouses, sexual abstinence and purity among the youth, and chastity in general (for married and single people alike) instead of “the easy way out” i.e. contraception (and in other countries where it’s legal, abortion) wouldn’t the need to “stay safe” disappear because you are already practicing safe practices in the first place?

The Abortionist’s Dictionary

In the Philippines, perhaps now is the best time to take a peak at The Abortionists’ Dictionary, since the most notorious abortionists from all over the world are gathered at the PICC right this second, for the 7th APCRSHR (Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights), trying to indoctrinate the youth to a culture of death. The most rabid among the Pro-RH group are also present there, of course. Today is the third day of the conference and according to the event’s programme, by now they have already tackled the “strategies and challenges in the abortion advocacy.” I hope that this guide will help the unsuspecting attendees of the 7th APCRSHR see the truth behind the lies.

Why I’m Pro-Life, Anti-Artificial Contraception and Think That Reproductive Health Bill is Totally Unecessary

Since I was in high school, the issue of contraception has been my pet peeve. I had to write an assigned article, elaborating on the artificial methods of contraception as well as the reason why it was immoral. Pretty hard to digest for a teenager then. But I did get the point of the Church’s teaching on it: Separating the procreative and unitive aspect of sex from each other was what made it against the natural law and therefore immoral in itself (the same principle applies to the immorality of doing an in-vitro fertilization procedure, but that’s a whole other story).

On Being Pro-Life

5. Being Pro-Life does not only mean being anti-abortion. It also means being against contraception, gay marriage and assisted suicide or euthanasia. To compromise in one is to lose the battle by default because all these are the different “fronts” in the battle for life.

Raising Pro-Life Children Amid a Culture of Death

39. Hang around pro-life families; it helps to have kindred spirits who care about the same things you do.
40. Teach them about the spectrum of pro-life thought.
41. Limit exposure to traditional media. Remember that if you’re reading, watching, listening to what everyone else is reading, watching, and listening to — then you’re thinking like everyone else. Garbage in, garbage out.
42. Take time to journal the positive stuff. Because 5, 10 years from now, you may forget those little things, like the toddler’s first words. Take pictures.
43. Get them around good nuns and priests. Encourage a vocation to the religious life. Pray for it, and pray for the strength to be the supportive parent if and when a child should decide to become a priest or nun.
44. Pray for their future spouses. There are too many broken people out there who need our prayers — some of them may end up marrying our children.

Tama Na Sana, Minali Pa

Kung alin ang normal noon, yun na ang pinupuntirya ngayon. Sabi kasi natin noon, karapatan natin ang maging iba. At sumobra naman ata. Ginusto na ng marami sa atin ang maging iba na umabot sa punto na nagkapare-pareho na sila. At kung ano ang natural, yun ang naging kakaiba. At yun ang kanilang pinagkakaisahan. Bandwagon lang kadalasan at hindi pinagiisipan. Kasi nga, baka yun kasi ang uso. Na lahat e karapatan na lang natin at wala na yung responsibilidad.

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