What Child Is This? A Guest Post

I asked my father, “Did you ever think of having children when you planned to get married?” By the way, he had vasectomy after having the third child, me.

So, asking my father for his opinion has a bitter taste to me. For I am a prolife child of God.

Well, he answered me with caution. He knew my stance and yet he wants to be open about the honesty behind contraceptive mentality.

He said, “Yes indeed! I wanted to have a family when I decided to get married.” However he said, “You know there are couples especially from other countries, like Japan and America, who are not thinking of having kids when marrying. They either adopt when they get older or they get dogs as kids.”

I said, “Yes of course. I know that.”

So, turning tables, I keep the question to my youthful self. Why bring a child into this messy world?

By the way, I am single.

(While writing this, I’m whispering to God, “Help me!”)

After pleading to God, I imagine God saying, “Relax. I am God. You are my child. I permitted your creation. I wanted you to be born. I want you to live. I love you.”

So, I am born. I live. I write. I think. I observe. I study. I learn. I compare other people. I trace history. I watch TV. I read newspapers. I listen to people’s sad and not so sad stories. I commute to work. I obey strangers to cooperate. I envy. I demand. I object. I understand. I influence. I get scared. I pray. I sacrifice. I love. I miss. I dream. I question. I answer. I speak.

Maybe God was right when he permitted me to live. Because I am pro-God, I will prove my God is right.

– Cheryl Dayrit

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2 comments on “What Child Is This? A Guest Post
  1. Mannix Fortz says:

    Inspiring thoughts! Thanks!

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