October Blogging event: Girl Power: Upholding the Dignity of Women, Shunning Feminism

A guest blog post from Cheryl Dayrit.

In order to share my ideas on being a woman and having its innate power, I took inspiration by reading the novel, “How to Make an American Quilt” by Whitney Otto.

“It is a story about mothers and daughters, about the estrangement and intimacy between generations, and a compelling tale that is history-haunted and ridden with secrets.” – SEATTLE TIMES

However, it took me a hard time to read for writings about shunning feminism, or upholding the dignity of women naturally. I was able to find good materials online, such as:

Women Against Feminism”, Tumblr


and “The Retro Wife: Feminists who say they’re having it all—by choosing to stay home.


I, being raised in a Catholic country, schooled in both Catholic school in elementary and high school and Public (secular) school in college, have my own different view on being a woman of this time, late 20th and early 21st century.

Looking behind, I am surprised to say that despite the status of my country as a “Third World Country”, I have good memories of my Mom, my Lolas, my Aunts and my female relatives enjoying the time of their life as a woman. I could not imagine a moment of their life being pushed over or feeling the prejudice of unjust society.

If we want to talk about the era of the Second World War, I can tell stories through my Lola Etang’s experiences she shared to us during the war. If she is the main character, then it would mean she rose above the occasion, a real survivor. Preserving her dignity despite adversity. She was a typical soft spoken Lola who was a school teacher in her prime. She never got married and she was the longest living among her siblings including the father of my dad. She died just last 2009 at the age of 98.

Moving fast forward, I can tell you stories about my late mom, or my late aunties. All women of dignity. Quietly and conservatively upholding women’s value.

Now, if we try to look at ourselves as women of the modern times, we see Spice Girls generation or Avril Lavigne sort of feminism. Not to mention, Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

Well actually, they are just a part of the spectrum of the modern society. However, we could not deny the untold history of the ordinary women of the same time. Like, my Christian Living teacher’s history, my Librarian’s history, or my Church servant’s history. I see them as the people who tried to conserve and preserve women’s dignity opposite feminism.

During calamities, in this calamity prone country, my gauge of calamity gravity depends on how the people who serve in the church react to it. If they seem to panic, it means, there is something to worry about. But if they seem to respond as if it is just normal, then I would worry less. I would never rely on Lady Gaga or Madonna during these times.

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