Girl Power: Upholding the Dignity of Women, Shunning Feminism (October Blogging Event Roundup)

What’s wrong with the statement, “Don’t tell us women how to dress; tell men to respect us women”?

Of course, sexual harassment and abuse are heinous and inexcusable crimes, which need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But just because you did not see a physical manifestation of sexual disrespect does not mean you were respected. Respect involves not only one’s outward behavior but also one’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions. And as women, we demand respect in every sense of the word. But then again, we cannot demand from others, what we do not demand of ourselves.

You’ve come a long way, baby?

In relinquishing a lady’s natural power to turn even fools into gentlemen, does a woman who puts her “anatomical sexuality” on display really feel empowered? And confident?

Do women actually fall for the message put forth by advertising that sex appeal and physical attractiveness should be among those on top on the list of priorities?

Naburang Ilusyon ng Pagkakapantay-pantay

Nakatatakot. Matapos makita ang paghihirap ng isang babae sa pagbubuntis, napakabigat isipin para sa isang lalaki, “Kakayanin ko ba na dalhin ang isang bagong nilalang ng siyam na buwan?” Nariyan ang mahilo sa loob ng unang tatlong buwan at madalas na pagduduwal. Ang pagkaramdam ng mga hindi komportableng bagay sa katawan. Ang mabigat na dalahin sa tiyan na nagdudulot ng hirap sa paglalakad, pag-upo at maging sa paghiga. Hindi nakakaengganyo.

Where There Is Love, There Is No Need for Feminism

Most feminism, especially the radical, militant kind, seems to stem from places of anger, fear, and unrest. There is no peace to be found. These women are always waging battles, and more often than not, battle against themselves. There is a disconnect, because in the end, who wins? A woman who is fighting against her own essence isn’t an empowered woman. That kind of life, where one’s identity or purpose or end goal is always in question, doesn’t come across as particularly attractive or inspirational.

Girl Power #368: Standing Inside a Moving Bus

Men stopped being gentlemen not because their good manners are gone. The real reason is that real ladies, the natural partners of gentlemen, are gone. What we have are women who were told to become like men for the sake of equality.

October Blogging event: Girl Power: Upholding the Dignity of Women, Shunning Feminism

Looking behind, I am surprised to say that despite the status of my country as a “Third World Country”, I have good memories of my Mom, my Lolas, my Aunts and my female relatives enjoying the time of their life as a woman. I could not imagine a moment of their life being pushed over or feeling the prejudice of unjust society.

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