It Begins at Home

[A guest post from Cheryl Dayrit.]

The brain of a person functions from a series of directives based from the person’s personal history from birth, to present circumstances. It is essential that one be educated to be able to think progressively and critically, in order to effectively live within the confines of a normal society or transform it to a better one.

It is important to recognize the contributions by Catholic educators in building a civilized society where system originally started to optimize potentials and encourage discovering new ideals beyond the boundaries of religion.

However in this age and technical progression, we ask, “Are we really civilized and worthy to be called children of God?”

Keeping Miley Cyrus in mind, I am compelled to say that unknowingly, our society is reversing instead of progressing.

Listening to the voices of our times, it clearly manifests rebellion from guilt. It is the guilt that resulted from the neglect of one’s religion. Consequently, there is a misconception that guilt is dictated by religion.

How do we protect our children from false ideas on religion?

It should begin at home.

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