Winter Is Coming: The Greying of Humankind | F4L August 2013 Blogging Event


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4 comments on “Winter Is Coming: The Greying of Humankind | F4L August 2013 Blogging Event
  1. Resty O. says:

    placing here an old copy-pasted material, back in 2003, for anyone to freely latch on to:

  2. Because of our poverty, you almighty- rich legislators have decided for us to be feed with rubbers, chemicals and devices which would ensure our non survival by means of curtailing our reproductive ability.
    Because of our poverty and ignorance,you almighty- rich law and policy makers deigned to teach and mold our young to treat with disdain their kin and family (instead of upholding the family’s thread of relationship in mutual respect and love) by usurping our parents’ or primary caregivers’ rights to teach the youth the proper mores,norms and values especially regarding the issues or concepts of family, marriage, commitment, sexuality,ethics and morality.
    Because we are helplessly poor, you almighty-rich powers- that- be would want us to be wiped out and extinct so that you can enjoy the wealth of the land with wanton abandon and disregard of our rights and freedom.
    And perhaps because we are hopeless,hapless poor, those who can defend us by invalidating the mess of a law such as this RH, are afraid and reluctant to do so, but instead condone it with the reason that it’s usurpation – without ever considering the Spirit of the law with which laws are made.

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