Ang Kapatiran Bets JC de los Reyes, Lito David, Marwil Llasos and UNA’s Mitos Magsaysay Endorsed by Pro-Life Group


WITH less than a week to go before the May 13 elections, Ang Kapatiran party senatorial candidates JC de los Reyes, Lito Yap David and Marwil Llasos, and UNA bet Rep. Mitos Magsaysay got a boost after getting the endorsement of the prolife group FILIPINOS FOR LIFE (F4L).

In a statement, F4L, a national association of prolife professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, health workers, students, church workers and religious, proclaimed Reyes, David, Llasos and Mitos Magsaysay as “genuine prolife candidates.”

For the partylist election, Ang Prolife also got F4L’s endorsement.

“We have decided to endorse the four, plus Ang Prolife Partylist, on account of their proven and untiring service in the defense of life, family and Filipino values, things which F4L also espouses,” F4L President Anthony James Perez said.

Perez called on all prolife Filipinos to rally around Reyes, David, Llasos and Mitos Magsaysay, who he said could be trusted to carry out a consistent prolife agenda in the Senate. F4L carefully scrutinized the records and public pronouncements of all four senatorial candidates and Ang Prolife, he noted.

“This endorsement was not borne out of compromises or accommodation. Their records bear them out. We can trust these candidates to fight the deceptive and pernicious anti-life agenda of reproductive health, divorce, and same-sex marriage,” said F4L Chairman Mike Mapa.

De los Reyes, a former Olongapo City councilor, has been consistently prolife while David is known for his prolife legislative advocacy in Congress. Llasos, a UP-trained lawyer, is a consecrated lay Dominican.

Mitos Magsaysay, meanwhile, staunchly opposed the controversial and patently unconstitutional Reproductive Health Bill, which was rammed through Congress by President Benigno Aquino and his Liberal and leftist allies using pork barrel politics.

“This election is crucial because anti-life forces are looking at building a formidable majority to push forward their anti-family and anti-Filipino agenda. We need to unite around genuinely prolife candidates and reject those who have no record of supporting the prolife cause,” Perez said. ##

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