Natural Law and Marriage

Marriage has its roots in the mutual attraction of the man and the woman which leads them to conjugal love. This love is at the root of the marriage partnership. Although Christianity has raised marriage to the level of the personal love of spouses, this phenomenon is a universal one. It is enough to see how love songs are found in all cultures.
So if marriage is based on human nature and human nature has its origins in God the Creator, then we can say that God created marriage. And he has endowed it with its specific characteristics. Neither the State, nor the Church, nor society nor culture is the creator of marriage.

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2 comments on “Natural Law and Marriage
  1. BUHAY says:

    That’s why we should not push Divorce and Gay Marriage to the Philippine Society. We don’t even need the RH law.

  2. What is the gripe that some people have regarding same sex marriage? It’s not like same sex couples are advocating the denial of heterosexual couples to marry. Another thing is that gays and lesbians are not going out and engaging in sexual activities before the public. Same sex marriage should not have a moratorium placed on it and love should never be subjected to legal definition or be monopolized.

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