Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence

Individual Risk Factors

Low self-esteem
Low income
Low academic achievement
Young age
Aggressive or delinquent behavior as a youth
Heavy alcohol and drug use
Anger and hostility
Antisocial personality traits
Borderline personality traits
Prior history of being physically abusive
Having few friends and being isolated from other people
Emotional dependence and insecurity
Belief in strict gender roles (e.g., male dominance and aggression in relationships)
Desire for power and control in relationships
Perpetrating psychological aggression
Being a victim of physical or psychological abuse (consistently one of the strongest predictors of perpetration)
History of experiencing poor parenting as a child
History of experiencing physical discipline as a child

Relationship Factors

Marital conflict-fights, tension, and other struggles
Marital instability-divorces or separations
Dominance and control of the relationship by one partner over the other
Economic stress
Unhealthy family relationships and interactions

Community Factors

Poverty and associated factors (e.g., overcrowding)
Low social capital-lack of institutions, relationships, and norms that shape a community’s social interactions
Weak community sanctions against IPV (e.g., unwillingness of neighbors to intervene in situations where they witness violence)

Societal Factors

Traditional gender norms (e.g., women should stay at home, not enter workforce, and be submissive; men support the family and make the decisions)

Source: http://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/intimatepartnerviolence/riskprotectivefactors.html”>

Surprise, surprise! We don’t see “lack of access to condoms and pills” or “right to satisfying sex” on the list of risk factors to “intimate partner violence”, do you?

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One comment on “Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence
  1. timothy2011 says:

    Hmm, I do not see “lack of condoms and OCPs” listed as a risk factor.

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