On Pork Barrels and Parental Rights


Found on Facebook:

‎”As a parent, this really bothers me. Contraceptives should not be given without a doctor’s prescription especially since maraming harmful side effects like increased blood clots, bone density loss, palpitations and a whole lot more! Moreover, it should not be given to minors without first informing their parents! Pero si Miriam at si Pia gusto nila gawing over the counter and available to minors ang lahat ng uri ng artificial contraceptives. Ano ba naman yan?”

akala ko ba tawag nila dito Responsible Parenthood bill? How come minors who are not mature yet to decide on their own will be allowed to access a mature material like contraceptive even without their parents’ consent? Kindly explain Sen Cayetano & Santiago why this is so? Isn’t this the height of (your) irresponsibility? Pleasurable sex (even for minors since the amendment that should have made this bill accessible to married couples only was rejected) and now free access to contraceptive even for minors. Sigurado ba kayo this is for poor women talaga or something more worth in trillions?

– the above comments accompanying this article:

RH bill authors: Minors to be given access to contraceptives even without parental consent

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