Discard the RH Bill!!

Don’t amend RH bill, discard it

And all along it has been said that linking the RH bill to abortion was just a bogey. It is not. There truly are pro-abortion groups rallying behind the bill. And the reason is already known to us from the examples seen in all countries that have legislated the use of artificial contraception: It opens the gate to legalized abortion. That is why groups like Likhaan and WGNRR are waiting very avidly at the doorstep, making sure that the RH bill is crafted in a way that it will later facilitate the legalization of abortion. If that was the pattern in other countries, tell me how it cannot be in the Philippines. We must be so stupid a people.

Now that RH proponents claim they have made the bill “more acceptable,” does that not contradict what they have been saying all along—that majority of Filipinos want the bill? If it had been watered down, will that not only make the bill less popular in the surveys? The argument that RH is “popular” has always been a fascinatingly non-sequitur. This is one of the densest arguments in the RH bill debate. Surveys do not dictate faith and morals. If 99.99 percent of Filipinos will one day say that murder is acceptable, will that decriminalize murder?

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