Population Rate On Downward Trend

AGING PEOPLE: Not much is being said in the debate about the effects of eventually having an aging population.

In its website last May 2, Ivy Funds called attention to low fertility rates raising a red flag in tiger nations. It said:

“The world’s second and third largest economies, China and Japan, are managing a case of the baby blues. Their fellow ‘tiger’ nations — Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong — are similarly afflicted. Each of these nations suffers fertility rates roughly half the 2.1 children per household needed to replace the current populations. By 2030, these countries could have fewer people under 15 than over 60.”

“In mainland China, the one-child policy has had a profound impact on the youth population. In Japan, 20 percent of 50-year-old males have never married. In some Asian societies, up to one-third of women remain childless.”

Read the rest here.

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