Catholics and Condoms

The inside pages of the ad announce that, “Catholics support the use of condoms to prevent HIV,” while attempting to justify this claim by misquoting Pope Benedict XVI in his 2010 book co-authored with Peter Seewald, Light of the World.

The point of the ad is obvious: to pit Catholics against their bishops by calling into question the decency and even morality of the “hierarchy’s position.” By creating a façade of strength in numbers, the ad suggests that Catholics can democratically pressure their hierarchy into changing its “position.”

It’s unclear why so many people insist on describing themselves as “Catholic” when they apparently have no desire to actually learn and live the tenets of the Catholic religion. Yet because of their relentless insistence to muddy the waters and return civilization to the era of the sophists, a clarification of the truly Catholic position in response to this ad is warranted.

Read the rest here.

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One comment on “Catholics and Condoms
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