Long-Term Contraception

First they sing the praises of contraception, as if contraception were 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. And pregnancy isn’t even a disease.

But not satisfied with that, they have to promote long-term contraception, because of course they mean more money in the pockets of big pharma.

Don’t think we can’t see through them.

Long-term contraception, as IUD, more effective: study, or so the headline says.

Women who choose birth control pills, the patch or vaginal ring are 20 times more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy than those using long-term methods such as IUDs and implants, a study released Wednesday found.

When will the pro-RH faction admit that the contraceptive mentality always leaves the user wanting for more? More protection, that is. Condoms that give a false sense of security, then contraceptives, then injectables, then IUDs. There’s a progression here. Finally, if an IUD can’t prevent a pregnancy, what’s next? A visit to Topix.com? Take that little star pill and leave the rest in the hands of a post-abortion care provider?

Don’t think we can’t see through them.

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One comment on “Long-Term Contraception
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