RH Bill’s Population Control Agenda

From a personal level I believe in the freedom of choice and that choice belongs to the individual. We do not need a law for that. It is presumed in a free and democratic country. Even when the bill is passed it will not change. Educated women with means will continue to decide on such a personal issue as bearing children.

The difference is between a woman with the means and a woman without. On this level – the freedom to choose – the issue becomes economic. The woman with means will be able to decide and the woman without will not. Moreover the women without would also be by and large uneducated.

That is when the RH bill becomes nasty. It will no longer be a question of choice but the force of the state that comes into play. The intent in this case is not about planned parenthood but population control.

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One comment on “RH Bill’s Population Control Agenda
  1. Larry Anderson says:

    This issue is really a full grown monster in baby disquise. If everyone could see, understand and know what it is, what it leads to there would be a horiffic outcry NOW. The same steps were taken, same excuses, same arguments made in the 1960’s in America, LOOK NOW, this has become a monster that has no end, grown to such proportions that it has over taken all sensibilities. Sex education has become indoctrination. Any attempt to curtail, to slow down, to use sense is beaten back with more demands. The lowest elements allowed in society win out, and there is no bottom. As the worst is achieved, there already has appeared a new goal to take you lower and lower. It is a question of when life begins, what life is worth saving, what age, what condition. What of a handicapped, what of a possible birth defect, what of mental states, what of personal choice, OOPS, did not want this pregnacy, it is only a fetus, not a child, just get rid of it. WATCH what abortion is, watch an abortion in practice, watch a late term fully developed baby being torn apart, poisoned, killed by acid, by a drill in the head while that fetus grabs at the pain of the drill in it’s head, of the drill that has razors that slices it to pieces. See the child with finger nails, smile on the face, hair and eyes, etc. and yet it is a fetus with no rights, no choice. What kind of society do you want? When this happens to the Philippines, what is the next step? Do you really want to go that path? LOOK AT AMERICA and the rest of the World and what it becomes. Perhaps you can be like China, Japan, at least waste in a better way, to prepare it like a boiled chicken to eat and take the elements of it’s youth to make them younger and viral. Wake up everyone, this is about a complete destruction of your morals, or youf future, of values, of all that you have believed in and desired for your families and future. HELL WITH THE UN, AMERICA or anyone else that will dictate your morals.

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