Overpopulation is a Fallacy

Overpopulation is a fallacy

No less that the director general of the National Economic and Development Authority, Arsenio Balisacan, told the Senate that the UN had set a 2.1-percent fertility rate in the country. Our population growth is 1.98 percent. In other words, we are below the growth rate acceptable to the UN. We are thus not overpopulated even by UN standards!

The claim of the pro-RH groups is nothing but baloney.

As I have said, the RH bill is not only a religious issue. It is social, economic and political as well. The fortunes of politicians will rise and fall on these issue.

Yes, there are many of my colleagues supporting the RH bill. But look at their profiles. They are either conscripted media people and opinion-writers, and they are not Catholic. Most of the women opinion-writers are either trying very hard to be read by being anti-Catholic and anti-life, or they belong to the group of liberated women-feminist movement against dogma.

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