“Planned Parenthood” or Population Control

From Carmen Pedrosa: Planned parenthood or population control?

From a personal level I believe in the freedom of choice and that choice belongs to the individual. We do not need a law for that. It is presumed in a free and democratic country. Even when the bill is passed it will not change. Educated women with means will continue to decide on such a personal issue as bearing children.

The difference is between a woman with the means and a woman without. On this level – the freedom to choose – the issue becomes economic. The woman with means will be able to decide and the woman without will not. Moreover the women without would also be by and large uneducated.

That is when the RH bill becomes nasty. It will no longer be a question of choice but the force of the state that comes into play. The intent in this case is not about planned parenthood but population control.

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