The Church In Times of Crisis

Old news but needs repeating. In times of natural disasters, what’s one of the first places people flock to, if not the first? The Church. Its doors are always open, its pews ready and available, its walls safe and sheltering. Who are the Church? We are. And the fact of the matter is that when disasters strike, we as a people come together and help out the less fortunate. It’s not just the Church building itself that lends shelter from the rains. It’s our priests, our nuns, it’s us the people. We can never dismiss the role the Church plays as refuge for all, young and old, rich and poor. It’s just the way we are. Too often these days we are seen as the enemy. Too often people forget that Church is where they’ll find help when all else seems hopeless.

There were about 5000 or more people who took refuge in our Church these past few days. We sheltered them. We fed them. We never worried about their big number. We never looked at them as problems. We marveled at the spirit of charity that engulfed us and the people who helped us in serving them. May our service bring out the message that we want to tell the whole world: “WELCOME TO THE CHURCH! WELCOME HOME!”

Photo Credit: Art Vincent Pangan
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Flood victims take refuge in a church in Pasig

Flood victims take refuge in a church in Pasig

Photo Credit: Diana Uichanco

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