RH Bill and Good Intentions

From The RH Bill: Paving the Path with Good Intentions

Now, I personally believe that no one intends to be the “bad guy” for evils’ sake. In my experience, evil is less attractive if seen in its true, unadulterated state. Most evil in this world is sugar coated to be made palatable to those who might consider it and usually comes as a guise to justify good intent. Surely a hungry 8 year old who steals 2 pieces of pandesal (one for him/her and one for a younger sibling) cannot be faulted for their actions since they had good intentions… they were hungry and had no money… so they stole some pandesal. Right? Or should they be held accountable? Its not like they stole public funds in the guise of conducting legitimate Basketball Summer Leagues in their barangay. The “liga” (as we call it in the vernacular) was for a worthy cause after all, the development of the minds and bodies of the basketball loving folks and development of the camaraderie of the community, they will most likely justify. Corruption is usually justified with good intentions.

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