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RH is unnecessary. As an economist friend who works in a foreign bank pointed out to me: Contraceptive devices like condoms, IUDs, pills, tubal ligations, and vasectomies are not illegal in our country. You can hear radio commercials and see billboards on Edsa advertising condoms. Government is free to spend as much as it wants to provide contraceptive information and products to the people.

RH punishes freedom of religious belief. But despite the legality of contraception, and recent surveys that show the majority of our people in favor of it, RH advocates still want the protection of a coercive law. This is amply provided by the bill in its current form, which penalizes the following acts:

Any health care provider who refuses to provide information and access to the full range of family planning methods prescribed by the bill, or refuses to perform those procedures, or refuses to refer the patient to another health care provider

Any person who “maliciously” engages in disinformation about the bill (the question is: who is authorized to find “malice” in a given situation, and on what grounds?)

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