Numbers at the Rally

Yes, it’s old news. But we’re still seeing posts that dismiss the numbers that showed up at the Prayer Power Rally on August 4. So in case anyone’s still wondering…

In the midst of debatable figures on the number of people present at the “Prayer Power Rally against the RH Bill” Saturday, a researcher using scientific crowd estimation analysis finally pegged the crowd to be at 60,000.

Dr. Quirino Sugon of the Manila Observatory, a research institute that does high-resolution population mapping and land-use mapping, among others, stated in his blog that based on aerial shots of the crowd at the EDSA Shrine, the crowd would have numbered 60,180 persons at the height of the rally at 5:00 p.m. even if there were only an estimated 4 persons/sq. m.

According to Sugon, the anti-RH crowd was definitely “not loosely packed” and even if there were 3 persons/sq.m., that would be the equivalent of 45,000 – still tens of thousands away from The Philippine Star’s 10,000 estimate and Alliance France Press (AFP) figure of 7,000.

EDSA anti-RH crowd was 60k, says researcher”>Read the rest here.

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