Let the Truth Be Told

Enrile does what he does best, reveal the logic (or maybe we should call it “illogic”) of those who think population control = progress.

“Are you suggesting (we) adopt … population control in the country?” asked Enrile, who attended a rally sponsored by the Catholic Church on Saturday in a show of clout—somehow dampened by monsoon rain—against a perceived administration move to ram through the controversial reproductive health (RH) bill in the House of Representatives.

“Ah, I don’t think, sir, that we need to really provide the same level of access to the poor in terms of…” Balisacan trailed off.

“All right, I’ll reverse the question,” Enrile interposed. “What in your opinion as an economist and in charge of national economic development, what should be the ideal level of population growth for the country?”

“I, I, I, sir, I think that we can move naturally in the same way…” Balisacan stammered.

“You’re the economist, you must have an idea,” Enrile said.

Balisacan noted that the United Nations had set a 2.1-percent fertility rate for countries.

Enrile asked how the Philippines fared.

Balisacan said the country had a population growth rate of “roughly 2 percent, actually 1.98 percent.”

“In other words we are below the UN acceptable rate,” Enrile remarked.

Read the rest here.

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