Lessons from Singapore’s Demographic Winter

Can We Still Trust Lee Kuan Yew?

By 2011, our birthrate stood at yet another historic low of 1.15. Mr Lee’s population tweaking and his obsession in eugenics has arguably brought Singapore to its current dilemma. The PAP never took ownership of the mistake, let alone taking responsibilities.

In the current report by Channelnewsasia, he left me perplexed by citing Japan’s economic stagnation was contributed by Japan’s refusal to adopt mass immigration for those who studied the rapid rise in the Industrial Revolution and economic fall of Japan as a case study would be sure that immigrant was a mere triviality and hardly a contributing factor to their current situation.

We cannot let this happen in our beloved Philippines. Let’s learn from the mistakes made by other countries.

Update: Can Singapore get any more ridiculous?

Now you have to make a baby for your country? Whatever happened to making a baby because you love each other and your baby’s the natural fruit of that love? See what happens when sex is separated from its natural ends, when people make a mockery of marriage and procreation? Again, let’s learn from other countries’ mistakes!

Video Urges Singapore Couples to Make Babies Now

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