Contraception and Common Sense

The use of contraception is contrary to natural law. This fact is recognized by the Catholic Church1, but in general the Church’s claim is poorly understood. Nature is manipulated every day as rivers are dammed to store water, plants and animals are bred to supply food, fibres, companionship and sport and the natural progress of disease is checked by surgery or drugs. So people ask: “What is the difference between removing a diseased appendix and tying fallopian tubes, or between taking an antibiotic and taking the contraceptive pill?”

One difference is easily explained. Appendices are only removed when they become diseased. Antibiotics are taken to kill dangerous micro-organisms. Such therapeutic procedures restore patients to health – by destroying pathological bacteria or removing malfunctioning bodily parts.

Read more here: <a href="Catholics Against Contraception: Dr. Hemingway, Contraception and Common Sense.

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