Abortion on Demand and Without Apology

When you look at that image, remember that:

Planned Parenthood has funded Likhaan in the past. $97,000 in 2007 alone, according to Planned Parenthood’s tax return.

Note that the Likhaan project funded by Planned Parenthood is called “Prevention and Management of Abortion Complications”, but it’s not about preventing abortion, is it? On the contrary, Likhaan’s Executive Director herself, Junice Demeterio-Melgar, boasts of having an underground network of abortion providers, part of her role as “women’s advocate”.

{If you want to see the actual abortion performed, courtesy of Melgar and her associates, watch Part 2.)

Finally, remember that Melgar and Likhaan play a huge role in promoting the RH bill, working with our pro-RH legislators, like Edcel Lagman.

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One comment on “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology
  1. Larry Anderson says:

    I am not a Filipino, my wife is and my 4 children are 1/2, I have spent some time and efforts to help and bring as much aid in medical, school and jobs, etc. to the Philippines as I could find, upon invitation of esteemed governor, now Congressman Aumentado. I love the Philippines and people, BUT I am not Filipino and it is not my business nor anyone else as to how you rule, choose or govern yourself, if anything, my opportunity is to support and assist, not to tell you anything or interfere. THIS LAW, this intrusion is in fact an effort to destroy and alter your history, values, principles, religion and all that you hold dear. IF you would choose to follow the path put forth it is the decision of the people, no one else has a right. BUT REALIZE, the purpose is to destroy the Christian faith, especially Catholic that is hated by the UN as well as our President Obama and his power base, including Hillary Clinton, herself an abortion advocate and women rights radical. Realize that there is no way to avoid the issue of Abortion and all the issues with birth control once you go that direction, there is no turning back, no escape. It will over power, over run and destroy your faith and ties to Church and God. If you want to see examples, look at Europe, even America that has now murdered many millions of innocent babies, even as full term deliveries. Once you loose the sacredness of life, what else is there. Think, look and understand where this issue is taking you. Hillary sent by Obama, had a program to introduce confusion and conflict between the people and Christianity, especially again, the Catholic faith. I am not Catholic, but I appreciate their faith and purpose and the good for the people. Please think, act and protect yourself and future. Turn to prayer and faith, it is all you can do, there is no benefit, money that could make up for the damage this will do to your nation and people. God be with you always as a nation and people.

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