Let’s Talk Birth Control

This pro-choice infographic shows the costs of birth control in the United States.

Keep in mind that the data presented isn’t all accurate, but we’ll let it be for now.

Then consider this:

Overmedicated America
Created by: MedicalBillingandCodingCertification.net

Found this in this article: We Pop Way Too Many Pills and the Pills Don’t Even Work

Again, not 100% accurate but you get the gist.

Keep in mind that 54% of women procuring abortions in the US are contraceptive users, according to this report from Guttmacher. Clearly, contraceptives aren’t working the way they should work.

Put all these together and what do you have?

Millions in cost, and to what benefit?

Translate these to the Philippine scenario.

You’ve got pro-RH legislators, feminist NGOs, anti-Catholic groups and even the LGBT crowd (that would benefit HOW from the use of contraceptives?) pushing for the RH bill. They’re pushing for a bill that’s way too expensive to finance (PHP 13.7 Billion at last estimate), that promotes use of “essential medicines” that are neither medicines nor essential, that work Russian roulette style, and that are questionable in terms of real women’s health. Some people would argue that there are generic medicines. Given that there are many existing problems with pharmaceutical companies right now, including the manufacture of drugs that harm instead of heal, and given that there many drug manufacturers that push knock off drugs on Filipinos, what are the chances Filipina women will be receiving quality “medication” that will actually help them?

We need to keep asking our legislators: Is this really a wise use of the people’s money? And at the expense of a real commitment to health and development? What price are we truly paying?

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