Pregnancies and Miscarriages with IUDs?

In a previous post, we discussed the dangers of IUDs that all women should be aware of before they decide to use one. One danger that we haven’t mentioned is the possibility of breakthrough ovulation that occurs even with an IUD in place. With this possibility comes a host of other concerns that women need to be prepared for.

Most of this material is anecdotal, yes, but still worth a look and serious consideration. Questions to ask: (Click on any of the screenshots to view the original source.)

Does an IUD guarantee that I’m not going to get pregnant?

Will using an IUD now compromise my health in any way, or affect my chances of getting pregnant in the future?

If I get pregnant even with an IUD, will the baby live?

If I get pregnant with an IUD, will it be safer for me and/or the baby to have the IUD removed?

Am I prepared for any complications that may follow an IUD insertion?

Should I be worried about a possible life-threatening tubal/ectopic pregnancy?

Berek and Novak’s Gynecology, p. 605

If you are a man reading this, ask yourself: Do you want to see your wife or girlfriend having to experience these worries, just to satisfy your craving for “sex without consequences”?

Why are RH bill proponents pushing for these devices to be used on Filipino women? If they are really for CHOICE and WOMEN’S HEALTH, why are they not educating the public adequately about the dangers?

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