FYI: Pro-Abortion Supporters of the RH Bill

from the Center for Reproductive Rights:

World Abortion Laws Map

Connect the Dots: Who’s tied in to this center: Institute for Social Studies and Action (ISSA) Philippines, Florence M. Tadiar who authored Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Introducing Emergency Contraception in the Philippines

Note that “emergency contraception” is a euphemism for abortifacients. They act on the fertilized ovum to prevent implantation. A fertilized ovum is life already begun, hence any artificial interference with its implantation constitutes a chemical abortion.

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One comment on “FYI: Pro-Abortion Supporters of the RH Bill
  1. Larry Anderson says:

    It is really troubling that there are masses of people who would force this issue upon the Philippines, whatever the people of the Philippines do, one way or other, is their choice, right and duty, not of anyone or any other nation or groups. The real truth and scope of birth control is that it sounds so realistic, practical and in some ways may be, BUT once you open that can of worms there is no bottom, no end of the move towards death, destruction of individuals, families and the nation. Once life is cheapened to any degree it gets easier to go the next step. The examples are repleat in the world as to results. IN America life has become so cheapened that murders are rampant, daily of men, women and children murdered. Excuses for mothers who now kill their own children, drowning in bathtubs, driving cars into rivers or lakes with children in them, even by burning, beating, etc. Life in general has cheapened, crime and loss of all morals and Godliness. God is taken from our Language, bibles replaced with porno magazines and teachings in schools from kindergarten upwards on cheap replicatoins of family. Morals becomes a bad word, more laws to enforce political correctness gone wild, etc. AND ONCE YOU TAKE GOD OUT, What protection of life, love, family and your nation will you have? The once joy of hope, security of family and church is gone, when pressuress, hunger, hard times, death, etc. are upon you what does faith do for you? It is a downward spiral until there is no peace, no hopes, no joys and no relief from God or hope for a future. What has made the Philippines special, hopeful in sorrow and troubles has been your faith. LOOK AT THE WORLD, LOOK AT AMERICA and the current status of crime and arguments now about what degrees of abortion are acceptable, no longer of the pill, but rather Late Term, including full delivery, the day, even weeks after delivery, of arguments of killing a child and excused by post partum depression, etc. Half of all marriages end in divorce and now, never mind marriage, live by convenience, have babies if you like any time by anyone. Please consider all the consequences of choice now, once you head the direction of such insideous law and excuses there will be no end, this is not the choice today, this is only the beginning of the arguments and direct demands of evil intent that will destroy your nation quickly. Fight with your faith, power and might to protect life, your faith and family, of any religion and faith, let all Christian faiths join together in this battle for your souls.

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