Timeline: Fallout from Sex Revolution (Or: Notes from the Judith Reisman talk)

Reposted with permission from Resty Odon.

The following timeline is from the talk “A History of How Judeo-Christian Nations Now Face Pandemic Sex Disease/Crime” (Or “How a ‘scientific’ psychopath unleashed toxic sexual promiscuity worldwide”) delivered by Judith Reisman, PhD, a Jewish American media forensics expert, in Manila in January 28, 2012. (Reisman is pronounced /Rees’-Man/.)

All quotes are from: 1) the side comments made by Reisman herself during her talk to punctuate her main points, and 2) the snatches of dialogue from The Kinsey Syndrome, a two-plus hour video sold during the event, which is based on Reisman’s book, Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.)

1917 – Fatima prediction warns of a coming “cultural contagion.”

1929 – Pope Pius warns of coming a “sexual contagion.”

1930 – Promiscuity infiltrates the church and culture via the communists, to destroy the church from within.

1938 – Pope Pius XI warns on the motion picture.

1948 – Dr. Alfred Kinsey, an American entomologist, changes the world by saying that all of life is about the pursuit of pleasure. Kinsey divides time into pre-1948 and post-1948 eras.

– How did we get to where we are? Pre-1948, the law and everything else is based on the Bible. It is called the Common-Law Era. There was no sex field.

– Post-1948, science is made as the basis of everything. Kinsey inaugurate the sex field era.

– But sex dysfunctions go up instead of down, as others believe. The worship of Baal returns in sex science robes. Civilization returns to human sacrifice via abortions. Note the depiction of Baal in the US dollar bill and in the United Nations seal.

Quote: “We are moralists, and there is nothing wrong with that, is there?”
Quote: “Lady Gaga is the most recent incarnation of Baal worship.”

– Kinsey changes the world as a place of sexual perversion by crafting the “sex field” based on fraudulent claims. For his study Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, Kinsey manipulated his data by interviewing pedophiles and jailed sex offenders and passing off the results as coming from the normal population. His study involved sexual torture of a 2-month-old and raping a 5-month-old to test for orgasm for 24 hours! He even consulted devil worshipers and fascists on their sex lives. He conned everyone with these claims, together with a group of people and followers who connived with him. Among his claims was that 10% of the population was homosexual. (The more accurate figure is 1% or even less.)

– Other related ‘developments’:

— Pornography, immodesty, and sexual immorality become widespread.
— Institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation grants sexuality degrees in teaching and counseling, legitimizing ‘free sex’ through the academe.
— Pedophiles with Ph.D.s build credentials on this man and rise up to power to craft public policy that is friendly to homosexual and pedophile perversions
— Mandatory vaccination of all children against STDs is pursued.
— International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) is behind sex education campaigns such as “Healthy, Happy and Hot.” (Quote: “Why (on earth) ‘Hot’?!?!”) Funding comes from organizations such as Guttmacher Institute.
— The scientifically unsupported belief that homosexuality is genetic/natural/biological gains massive acceptance.
— American seminaries are homosexualized due to the placement of pedophile priests as religious house formators, eliminating heterosexual applicants.
– Smut is mainstreamed in media (TV, movies, magazines).
– All these result in the sex industrial complex, which creates “need” for a new legal, health infrastructure.

Quote: “Young people have sexual rights?”
Quote: “‘Sex education’ but without any mention of ‘mother, ‘father,’ ‘God,’ ‘prayer,’ ‘crime,’ ‘prosecution,’ etc.?

– Condoms break hearts and cause diseases and despair.
– Contraceptive failure leads to abortion.
– Abortion is legalized in the US, a repeat of the Holocaust, this time involving unborn children.
– Decades of sex education in Europe result in STDs.
– There is a direction connection between homosexuality and pedophilia: homosexuality feeds pedophilia; pedophilia feeds on homosexuality!

Quote: “Sex is a ‘child’s independent choice’?!?”
Quote: “Sex is ‘needed for a child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being’?!?”

– Thousands of educators are trained by IPPF/Kinseyan sex education guides.

Quote: “Underdeveloped brains are shaped by what they see/experience in reality.”

Quote: “Before Kinsey, there were only two STDs. After Kinsey, dozens of STDs emerged!”

– The fallout from Kinseyan ideas is profound.
– Laws are relaxed and changed, and crime records are cooked, so sex offenders can be released, with Kinsey appearing with ‘expert’ testimony on their behalf.
– Postmodern thought — “There are no absolutes.” — gains acceptance.
– Darwinism — “Only the fittest survive”; “Humans are just more evolved animals.” — becomes the name of the game of life.
– An Orwellian society results, reminding of George Orwell’s 1984, a 1949 novel.

1950s – Priest child sex abuses start.

– In the US, pornonography increases, accompanied by a rise in rapes of children and women.

1977 – Pedophile “Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights”

– There emerges an academic pedophile lobby in Wales!

– A scholarly journal titled Paidika is published, dedicated to the study of ‘man-boy love.’

1981 – Pope John Paul II condemns the new contagion.

– “School sex information based on Kinsey’s findings (which, among others, concluded that man is sexual from birth, so sex must be taught from kindergarten) violates youthful innocence.”

– Mere 7 year olds are taught how to use condoms!

Quote: “These people obviously don’t value innocence. But we value innocence!”*

Quote: “HB 101, 513, 1160, 3387, and SB 2378 will make Kinseyan sex education mandatory and widespread.”

1989 – The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child declares that a child should be free from interference with privacy, exploitative prostitution and other unlawful sex, and exploitative pornographic materials. UNICEF/UNESCO mirrors the 1977 Pedophile Bill. What for? So that people can do what they want with children.

– Pedophile group emerges seeking legitimacy. It is called NAMBLA or North American Man/Boy Love Association.

– In one gay pride parade, the founder of gay rights movement Harry Hay declares his support for NAMBLA.

1989 – The Vatican says soft core porn is the root cause of deep-seated crisis of sexual morality. Sex education causing sexual arousal is porn (due to constant desenstization and ensuing reinforcement).

1994 – Sued for libel for her accusation of child pornography, Reisman wins against Playboy magazine in Holland, “the world’s center of pedophilia.” See the story here: http://www.drjudithreisman.com/playboy.html.

1995 – Pope John Paul II points the way back to the culture of life.

2002 – John Paul II says there is a deep-seated crisis of sexual morality.

2002 – Catholic Medical Association (CMA) (of America) condemns Catholic sex education’s Safe Touch program, etc. A Scottish cardinal dubs Touching Sex ed programs child abuse.

Quote: “How did these came into the Catholic Church? Through education!”

_____ – Greece pay pedophiles for “disability.”

2002 – Uganda promotes abstinence to win battle against AIDS.

2011 – Church declaration says porn is inciting child sex abuse, and the Church is child sex abuse solution. Promiscuity must be countered with fidelity and chastity.

Quote: “It is a man’s office to protect and defend women and children, his nation and Godly laws!”

Quote: “Anything enabling promiscuity versus chastity and fidelity destroys civility.”

Quote: “HB/SB will further porn, fostering promiscuity, child abuse, prostitution, ‘free’ sex, homosexuality, pedophilia, and other sex perversions. This will result in serious economic/financial, social, cultural, and spiritual collapse.”

2012 January 22 – US President Obama Orders Catholics to Act Against Their Faith; Bishops Call It ‘Unconscionable.’

Quote: “How did we get here? Through the banalization of sex decade by decade.”
Quote: “Redeem the culture by following God’s commands!”
Quote: “Lobby against Kinsey’s sex field, because it is the weakest link in the culture of death!”

Quote: “Homosexuality is not genetic!”
Quote: “Homosexual men are the major HIV/AIDS carriers in the Philippines.”
Quote: “The sexual perversions resulting from sex maleducation and pornography are ultimately a spiritual problem, so a purely psychological approach, which often results in affirmation of fallen desires, is not the right solution. I asked (two) psychologists around who knew any fellow professional who believed in healing people through psychology and spirituality, and they named only three: Dr. Richard Gallagher, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, and Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons.”

Quote: “The leader of the Al Qaeda group in the United States cited American’s belief in the Kinsey Reports as a proof of the Americans’ immorality and debauchery.”

Quote: “Guys, we have been conned (by Kinsey)!”

The Kinsey Reports (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) become the fourth most dangerous book of all time, after Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels’ Communist Manifesto, and The Little Red Book by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung.


Miscellaneous quotes from priest Fr. Edgardo ‘Bing’ Arellano, who gave a brief lecture in reaction, or as a call on the audience to action:

– “Note that the Catechism (CCC405) teaches that, after baptism, we are still given to conscupicence, so we must be vigilant.”

– “It’s hard to cure sex addiction because, according to an exorcist, the devil said there are three kinds of demons in sex addiction lust: iuccubus, which invites the person to masturbate; succubus, which invites the person to rape; and osmodeus, which invites the person to murder.”

– “In Makati Medical Center, there’s Dr. OB de Leon, who uses psychotherapy to heal people with homosexual problems.”

*I strongly suspect pedophilia is all about innocence, or its traumatic loss in the “minor-attracted person,” who I believe should be called pedophile if practicing the pedophilic/pederast/ephebophilic lifestyle. The traumatic loss of innocence (due to child abuse and other environmental factors, plus the child’s own reaction) is sexualized, resulting in sexual psychopathology.

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