Blame Having Sex at Hello

by Anonymous

I suddenly had a better understanding of the pro-RH side when I went home last Christmas. When I came home for the holidays, a yearly form of retreat, I noticed how perhaps 90% of the kids in my parents’ neighborhood now have kids of their own at a time I was expecting them to remain single or unattached. After all, they are barely out of college, either jobless or have no stable jobs, and thus should be barely scraping by if they are not living under their parents’ roof. And yet there they all are — having children, with their parents apparently doing a significant part of the raising. Something’s seriously wrong with the picture. If this is typical of the country, then we are perhaps in serious trouble.

People raising a family while not having earned yet the right to have one – why, this is hardly the teaching and preaching my generation (children of the already ‘liberated’ 70s) has heard growing up. Common sense also dictates the right thing to do at this age: hold off until you’re ready and able. It used to be that this situation is more exception than the rule during my time in college during the late 80s, but now it seems to have become the new normal.

Apparently, the relaxation of sexual mores has something to do with it. Children nowadays must think that being in a romantic relationship automatically means having sex at hello, and having sex at hello should be something natural and pleasurable, free from any consequence and accountability. Should there be a hitch, then oops, ‘my bad.’

Apparently, in just one generation, this sea-change in sexual belief/attitude happened while we were sleeping. One wonders how it happened at all, for there’s this associated feeling of being caught with our pants down. Well, there are the usual suspects: parents/family, teachers/education, and peers and their permissive culture, as propelled by the consumerist economy and liberal media, particularly Hollywood’s un-Christian, pornographic treatment of sex.

As for the Church, as far as I know, its teachings on the matter were never adjusted or calibrated to address the new ‘unmet need.’ I am not sure if priests have softened through the years. What appears is that most of our youth have chosen the path of defiance.

Now enter government and its bright problem-solvers, our policymakers in possible collusion with our lawmakers. To solve the problem, people in government apparently think the quick fix lies in making the Church wrong and shameful in its antiquated thoughts and making our fornicating children right, if not abused of their rights. They have framed the situation as a picture of hateful villain (Church and church people) versus harassed victims (kids sleeping around).

Now we are all enjoined to accommodate this new culture of having sex at hello then have the law adjust to it so that whoever defies it deserves censure and jail time. Thanks most likely to the sexual revolution in the ‘60s, we now have a freewheeling fornication culture, a taboo until the ‘50s, as the norm. No wonder we want a contraception culture – it’s the logical next step in our descent into madness. Then we can blame anyone opposing it as wrong and against progress and modernity. What an Orwellian situation we’ve found ourselves in!

The worst part of it is that the usual trumpeters of freedom and gatekeepers of civil rights are either silent or probably in collusion with the ruling powers that are now steering the wheel, knowingly or unknowingly, of what Pope John Pope II called the “culture of death,” which the prolife movement in the Philippines has quickly turned into an apt acronym for Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, (Total) population control, and Homosexual lifestyle (including same-sex/gay marriage). This is where having sex at hello will lead society to — down the drain called D.E.A.T.H.
I believe what we need first, before making all the sound economic decisions, is not a new legislation, but earnest prayers for our youth and an assurance that the kids receive the right sex education, John Paul 11’s Theology of the Body, at the most appropriate age. That’s just for starters.

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