Voices Against the RH Bill Around the Philippines – 3

Advocates of the RH Bill are frustrated that their pet bill is not yet passed. Even the current inhabitants of Malacañan Palace aired their frustrations and even meddled with the affairs of Senate. Why are they rushing the passage of the RH Bill? Why don’t they want the interpellations to continue? The answer is that more and more Filipinos are waking up to the truth that the RH Bill will bring nothing good to the nation.

Despite the fact that some anti-lifers resort to vandalism when dealing with pro-lifers, more and more people are getting vocal against the the RH Bill. Here is another photo gallery showing the continued opposition against the RH Bill:

Anti-RH Bill tricycle driver in Dagupan City.

Anti-RH Bill tricycle driver in Dagupan City.

Smiley Anti-RH Sticker on a Van

Smile anti-RH sticker

Pro-life bikers

Even the kids love the smiling anti-RH Bill stickers.

Jeepney driver against the RH Bill

Jeepney driver against the RH Bill.

Anti-RH car owner

May God bless these people for their vocal stand against the RH Bill.

To pro-lifers out there: Let us follow the examples of these people in showing their stand against the RH Bill. Place anti-RH Bill posters or stickers on your cars. Let us support the fight against this RH Bill.

Are you looking for anti-RH posters and stickers? Please leave a comment so we can refer you to the providers of these stickers.

The first photo was contributed by Mr. Rocaberte, who is an I Oppose the RH Bill FB page member.

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9 comments on “Voices Against the RH Bill Around the Philippines – 3
  1. teachertwish says:

    And we have not posted pics of cars in Laguna!!! A lot of cars here also have No to RH stickers! I should take pics of them.🙂

  2. marv says:

    saan po makakakuha ng stickers?

  3. Fr. GL says:

    Good day! I am a religious-priest from Baguio. May I ask if where can i get those stickers of anti-RH bill? I wanted also to give those stickers to our faithful here. Thank you very much! Let us not stop making noise against this bill. Let us also continue praying that we may be able to defeat this work of the devil. I know God is with us as His promise: “I will be with you till the end of time!” God bless us all!

    • israel says:

      Fr nagbebenta po ako ng Button Pin….yung may smiley. Ten pesos lang. Kinakarir ko talaga ang pagbebenta ng Mura para maspread yung advocacy natin. pls message me sa facebook. add nyo po ako lalo sa mga gusto umorder. 10 PESOS lang bawat isa. israelm87@yahoo.com. Add nyoko sa Facebook. Thanks..

  4. san po nakakabili ng sticker?thanks po

  5. Cynthia Alfonso says:

    Cynthia Alfonso:

    From Jovi Atanacio of Chamber on Life and Morality – San po makakuha ng stickers? God bless the Philippines! Yes to Life!

    From Rubirosa Bruno of Chamber on Life and Morality – opo nga… saan po makakabili nung mga stickers ng anti-rh?

  6. Shaina says:

    Thank you for posting this article,,,,,………………

  7. Piolo says:

    Actually im anti RH bill and 100% roman catholic! people for those in the opposition they must not approve this bill, since this new bill to be debate today its also against the well of the lord!. And thanks anyway to this useful post.

  8. teresa says:

    thank you for including my car in your collection. i believe it’s mine–the yellow Kia Picanto. link with me, too, http://www.teresatunay.blogspot.com MORE POWER TO YOU!

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