Women Empowerment

So a little birdie told us that Rep. Janette Garin posted this article on her Facebook page:

Women Bring Peace to Town with Sex Strike

What was that again that Sen. Pia Cayetano was saying about the RH bill being a gender issue?

Are women really oppressed in this country?

These two women need to talk so they can get their act together. They’re both pro-RH, but one talks about women as though they’re weak, oppressed creatures — the other one is proud of women’s apparent control over situations as complex as war.

Which is it really?

More to the point and referencing the article above, what are we saying about our women? They’re strong enough to withhold sex from men to stop a war, but they’re not strong enough to withhold sex from men if responsible parenthood is the goal?

How does that make sense?

From where we’re standing, these women described in the article above have no need for the RH bill. They’re pretty powerful left to their own devices.

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