Philippine Medical Association Position Paper

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3 comments on “Philippine Medical Association Position Paper
  1. Ma Elena M. Villanueva says:

    We Catholics should stand on what we believed, we can not professed our faith and do otherwise. God our Creator is our final Judge!

  2. Chi-chi says:

    I can’t believe my eyes when I read in the PMA position paper that ABORTION is one of the scope of reproductive health, the information of which must be made available to the people. I can’t believe that this position can come from a very respectable and well-honoured organization. It’s quite shocking. I can’t reconcile in my mind how doctors who have taken an oath to save life will now embrace ABORTION and kill innocent human beings. Probably, to them, with the so many medical knowledge that they possess, the baby in the womb is not yet a human being, scientifically speaking. Their profound knowledge has now confused their minds about the very basic things.

    • Ariel de Castro says:

      No, madam, the PMA is obviously against abortion. What’s puzzling is that they throw their full weight in supporting the RH Bill and yet be against its fundamental aspects, like the contraceptives. hmmm…

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