The IPPF: A History of False Premises, Failed Promises

The International Planned Parenthood Federation was formed in 1952 by a band of angry women, collectively up in arms and demanding that the world allow them to take control of their fertility and give them what they termed their “reproductive rights”. In the beginning, those rights only included the right to legally contracept. They didn’t stop until they got that. One would think that having won that battle, they would have gone back to being women and mothers, happy in their roles of feeding and nurturing their young ones, but no. Over the years, the clamor didn’t stop, and eventually those reproductive rights were extended to include the “right to abortion”, the ultimate family planning measure, “saving” these poor women from failure of condom or pill.

Over half a century later, have they achieved what they claimed they set out to achieve?

They said that legalizing contraception would lead to less unintended pregnancies, and yet in 2010, 50% of women still reported unintended pregnancies.

They claimed that sexual education, on which Planned Parenthood USA spends 48 million dollars a year, would lead to lower unintended pregnancy rates, and yet their own statistics point to their utter failure to properly educate. One in four teens still gets pregnant and becomes a Planned Parenthood “client”.

They promised that legalizing abortion would lead to less abortions, and yet here we are in 2011, aborting 4000 babies daily in the United States alone.

They stated that their presence meant the poor would have better planned families, and yet most of their abortion clients are still those at poverty level or below.

They insisted that education done the IPPF way would prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs, and yet here we are in 2011, with HIV and AIDS still on the increase, and the number of TYPES of STI still going up at ever-alarming rates.

They’ve lied that they provide primary care and other health care, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Meanwhile, they have made billions in the process, abortion being their biggest source of revenue.

Those women fighting for their “reproductive rights” have given birth to new generations of women (pun unintended) . Some of them inhabit the Philippines now, screaming at the top of their lungs for “health” that doesn’t exactly include health, for conclusions that don’t match their false premises, for a fantastical future based on nothing but failed promises. They defend the FPOP’s IPPF membership with vehemence, for reasons difficult to fathom.

Not surprisingly, like their predecessors, they’re still the same band of loud, angry women.


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