Philippine Pro-Life Movement Featured in HLI Documentary

Human Life International launched a short documentary that features the Pro-life Movement in the Philippines and the Filipinos fight against the RH Bill and similar anti-life agendas. The documentary entitled “The Philippines: Preserving a Culture of Life” contains interviews with the leading pro-lifers in the Philippines such as Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, HLI Philippines Director Rene Bullecer, Congressman Anthony Golez, and Dr. Ligaya Acosta.

The HLI documentary contains the true situation in the Philippines especially now that the anti-life camps are hysterically pushing for the passage of the RH Bill. According to documentary’s executive producer and director of communications for HLI, Stephen Phelan:

[The current struggle in the Philippines] is in some ways reminiscent of the struggle over health care in [the United States] – a detached political elite continues to force through a bill that the people have said time and again that they don’t want,” said Phelan. “The bill’s backers use deceptive language, they are funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from outside the Philippines, and they are attempting to attack and divide the Catholic Church.

The HLI documentary was aired on EWTN in America and Canada on August 23, It is currently being aired again on August 25 at 1:30 PM and August 26 at 9:00 PM. All times EST. DVD copies of the documentary are also available. HLI runs a contest where pro-lifers are invited to leave a brief prayer for the Philippines or a note of encouragement for a chance to win a free DVD copy of the documentary.

More information about the documentary from HLI website.

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