Voices Against the RH Bill Around the Philippines – 2

“No to RH Bill!” – These are the words that are resonating throughout the country as more and more Filipinos are waking up from the lies and deception that is being peddled by the advocates of the RH Bill.

Here is another set of photos showing the nationwide opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill.

Anti-RH Bill stickers at UP Diliman

Pro-life UP students posted these anti-RH stickers around UP Diliman campus days before their July flash mob of an anti-life (pro-RH) activity in front of Palma Hall. There are reports that some of these stickers were removed by anti-lifers.

Anti-RH Bill poster shown in front of a house of a pro-life family.

A pro-life family expressed their opposition to the RH Bill by posting an anti-RH Bill poster in front of their house.

Our Lady of Grace Caloocan anti-RH Bill poster.

Members of the Knights of Columbus posting an anti-RH Bill poster in front of Our Lady of Grace Church, Caloocan City.

Saint Pio Chapel anti-RH Bill poster

Saint Pio Chapel, Libis, Quezon City.

Saint Joseph Shrine anti-RH Bill poster.

Saint Joseph Shrine, Cubao, Quezon City.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Montalban, Rizal) anti-RH Bill poster.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Montalban, Rizal) shows their support for the Protection of the Unborn Act and the New Anti-Abortion Act.

San Diego de Alcala Cathedral anti-RH Bill poster.

San Diego de Alcala Cathedral, Gumaca, Quezon.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Parish anti-RH Bill poster.

Santo Rosario Parish Church anti-RH Bill poster.

Posted on Santa Rosario Parish Church (Cebu) are detailed posters regarding the RH Bill.

Our Lady of Sacred Heart Parish anti-RH Bill poster

Our Lady of Sacred Heart Parish (Cebu City) also has a detailed poster, written in Cebuano, explaining the unacceptable provisions of RH Bill.

See the first part of this series.

Photos are contributed by the members of the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page. Thank you Al, Cheryl Anne, Clyde and Andrew for the photos.

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2 comments on “Voices Against the RH Bill Around the Philippines – 2
  1. ipoy says:

    tama po yan…. pigilan natin ang rh biill

  2. c.pio says:

    “RH Bill anti woman’s welfare
    by c.pio (“RH Bill delay, 1000 die a day – RH bill Now na”
    “Sabi nya kung mahal ko sya dapat patunayan ko, pero handa naba ako? – Katleen 16YO” Wag natin silang ibalewala, RH bill ipasa, Ngayon Na.

    In our present condition where a family of five or seven, living in a shanty made of plastic garbage materials or anything that could cover them, squatting in the drainage alley, father without a permanent job and a mother who work as an extra vendor without any educational background, nursing a month old baby while pampering a two year old child on her lap, holding the other and hawking in an environment that competition for survival reign and her eldest daughter tempted by her boyfriend to test her love to him – under these whip of poverty hope and beauty cannot be express in this present face. In an honest examination, they are only victims of society’s materialistic demand under the wings of Corruptions, Selfishness of others, Government’s Mismanagement, Injustice, illiteracy and unequal distribution of resources – all might opine that they really need a messiah. Now, RH Bill finds these as legs to rally and rekindle the flickering light of hope of all oppress women. The long awaited Saga with a commanding voice coming from deities, whose powers cannot be hinder by anyone and anyone who oppose for this so called godly bill is no other than “anti-reason”.

    But how does this Hero solve these problems? One solution is – Artificial Contraceptive pills! Antipathy over life is the crux of this bill! (Ok, some would say the bill talks also about health and reproductive care, yes but that is only a mask and it is useless to discuss it since we have existing laws that comprehensively tackle those issues.)

    It is an anti-woman’s welfare contrary to those who believe it is. Contraceptive pills in any way cannot and will never help women in any angle as propose by this godly bill hidden in an angelic tone with diabolic spirit.

    Since we focus only to the main sword use by this bill, one from many strong arguments laid by those who oppose this bill is the Contraceptive pills’ deadly effects like Cancer (check the latest clinical studies and other medical journal thru web). You don’t have to make an equation to find-out who will be the victim – of course not the male partner. Ridiculous to say this bill coined it as “Essential Medicine”. Maybe essential if you want to have a cancer so I will coin it as “death candies”.

    These “death candies” not only causing cancer among women, but also reduce the role of a woman into a concept of “mere object”. As if returning to an era where woman whose right depends’ to man discretion. Mere object that can be own, can be purchase and after using it according to the product of fantasy – you can trash it. We are already far beyond this primitive notion, what we want is equality of rights in a most civilized society (women’s rights advocate). To treat them with respect, accept them as a whole and get what they deserve – a true women’s welfare.

    Contradictory on what woman really deserve, the current world sees women as a big threat to progress, threat that needed to address needed to suppress (from Europe’s antiquities to WWII holocaust discrimination towards women are clearly manifested – “If the child is female, let her die” Spartan letter to his wife; Angel of Death (Josef Mengele) made an experiment on women (sterile) in a concentration camp that lead to holocaust). In a latest news, some Chinese physician are practicing gender selection wherein abort if it is a female fetus. We can see in history how the world discriminate female, go to pharmacy around the globe and you will find thousands upon thousands brand of contraceptive pills, sterile drugs etc. all design to suppress women nature to reproduce with a deadly effect compare to drugs design for counterpart gender (maybe they don’t bother about the effect since all they want is to address male dominant gender sexual drive). What about Condom? Yes created again to address male dominant gender sexual drive. One day we come to an age were contraceptive will go beyond its purpose (temporarily infertile) – go beyond the point without ethical ground like race selection, alter the fruits of the womb etc.

    But it’s a choice of woman to take pills? Taking contraceptive pills is only a responsorial to dominant gender’s actuate, a female partner would not dare to take this pills without the pressure from male partner who’s always on demand for physical sensation – body at rest remain at rest. Some might argue that it is part of marital vow, yes I agree – a commitment of putting themselves totally to one another. Be aware of the word “Commitment” and “Totally”, to make it simple in Mang.Pedro’s Farm a hen and pig was chatting about how generous Mang.Pedro to them, so they decided to give him a good breakfast, the hen suggests “Bacon and Egg” but the pig reply, for you this is only a sensation but for me its a total commitment. So it’s unfair for a female partner to sacrifice her life under the pain of cancer while her male partner is more on sensation not to a total commitment.

    So how can we bridge the gap on marital vow without sacrificing the proper spacing in the family? You are a woman regardless what social status you belong (“The right of the mother in the lowest social class is equal to the right of the mother in the highest social class. – Sen.Defensor) so in other words insist your Right to say NO. Abstinence (of a male partner) is a true respect to woman’s welfare – real respect to woman’s right. Marital vow ground on wanting a person not a body, wanting a respect on dignity not on sensation and no to discrimination and insisting gender dominancy.

    Some may sing a song with the same lyrics that this bill will ensure the mother’s pregnancies would occur in healthy circumstances, does Abstinence has different result?

    Lastly, some of poets argue that RH bill is outside the ordinary prose it is a poetry whose main purpose is a holistic approach in disseminating information so they can choose among it, whether she likes to exercise her right or not she has an options. It’s a big NO, it will only weaken woman’s innate rights to say “No” to her partner, and those options cited in the bill will support and legitimize man’s dominancy, as if the bill tried to inculcate that if a male partner violate your innate right you have other options (with deadly effects).

    RH bill is only just a few lines from lyrics of anti-women agenda around the world. It is an angel of death under the cloth of a hero shouting on the top of the voice as “Pro-woman’s welfare”.

    Craft a bill that empowers family as a building unit of society. That is what the constitution mandate. We don’t need RH bill.


    Korea Republic of

    Korea Republic of

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